Xiaomi Continues its US Expansion With 5 New Product Listings on Amazon

Xiaomi Continues its U.S Intervention With Five New Product Listings on Amazon

While Xiaomi may be a household name in Asian countries, it is still largely unknown in the United States. The Chinese giant is now taking baby steps to expand its reach to one of the most competitive smartphone markets, but without a phone launch. Xiaomi has launched a host of new products, mainly accessories, on Amazon.com in time for Black Friday. Here’s a list of all new products listed by them:

Xiaomi Accessories Available in US via Amazon.com

1. Mi Sphere 360-degree Camera

mi sphere

This is the most expensive product of the bunch, released by Xiaomi on Amazon. The Mi-Sphere 360 camera is also one of the most interesting devices, which includes a 23.88-MP sensor and allows you to record 360-degree video in 3.5K at 30fps or 2.5K at 60fps. Mi Sphere Camera will make these videos look crisp, thanks to 6-axis electronic image stabilization. It is also IP67 dust and waterproof but is currently out of stock.

Buy from Amazon: $299.99

2. Mi Type-C Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi Continues its US Expansion With 5 New Product Listings on Amazon

The last time Xiaomi made its power packs available in the States, they sold out within a few minutes. It seems the Chinese giant is gunning for a similar strategy by launching its 10,000mAh power bank in the States. The sleek aluminum build of this power brick, when coupled with support for Type-C and fast charging (up to 18W) makes it an attractive buy.

Buy from Amazon: $29.99

3. Mi Over-ear Headphones

xiaomi heaphone

If you had been looking for a premium headphone set, Xiaomi has released its graphene-coated bass-heavy over-ear headphones on Amazon. The company has optimized their closed loop structure and tri-band balance for Hi-Fi compatibility. They will provide you an immersive audio experience but they’re wired. Type-C and wireless headphones are now becoming quite common, so it’d have been great if Xiaomi replaced the 3.5mm jack in these headphones. It will be available for purchase on November 24.

Buy from Amazon: $129.99

4. Mi In-ear Headphones Pro

mi earphones

Same is the case with Xiaomi’s in-ear headphones but they’d be a bang for the buck if the sound quality is any good. Xiaomi boasts that their patented audio drivers, integrated into Xiaomi’s earbuds, offer one of the crispiest audio output and deep resonating bass. You also get volume and calls buttons, making it easier to control playback on the move. It will be available for purchase on November 24.

Buy from Amazon: $25.99

5. Mi Robot Builder Kit

mi robot kit

In addition to accessories, Xiaomi has also made its programmable robot kit available in the United States. It includes 987 parts, including a self-balancing block and movable motor-fitted blocks, which can be used to build 3 different designs, controlled using your Android or iOS device. You can program this robot without writing even a single line of code or connecting to a computer. This is a great learning tool for beginners, as well as experts.

Buy from Amazon: $139.99

Previously, Xiaomi had made some of its accessories via its own Mi online store in the U.S, but the stock was cleared out within 30 minutes. It also partnered with Google to debut its Android TV-powered set-top box dubbed Mi Box available in the United States, a device which you can still purchase at offline Walmart stores.

The Chinese giant, Xiaomi, doesn’t want to hurry and witness a similar downfall as its local competitor LeEco, who’s been facing cash troubles due to its fast-paced and uncontrollable expansion. Xiaomi has, however, steadily started extending its reach to new locations with its flagship Mi Mix 2 and Android One-based Mi A1 device. Are you be willing to buy Xiaomi smartphones in the United States? Let us know in the comments down below.

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