Xiaomi Sound Charging Technology Revealed in Recent Patent Filing

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After teasing Air Charge technology that’s capable of charging your devices wirelessly, Xiaomi seems to be working on a new charging technology — Sound Charging. That’s according to a new patent filing spotted on the China National Intellectual Property Administration website (via MySmartPrice).

Xiaomi Sound Charging Technology

So, what exactly is Sound charging? According to the patent, the technology will apparently help charge devices through sound. The setup involves a sound charging device, an energy storage device, and an electronic device. The sound charging device consists of a sound collection device, multiple energy conversion devices, and a power conversion device.

This sound collection device will seemingly convert the sound in the environment to mechanical vibration and conduct the mechanical vibration to the energy conversion device. In addition, the energy conversion device will convert the mechanical vibration into Alternating Current (AC). The power conversion device will then convert this alternating current input to Direct Current (DC) to charge the gadget.

With Sound Charge, the patent claims that users could charge the device without connecting to the power socket. That’s expected as Sound charging is aiming to be a true wireless charging solution. The efficiency of this setup is something we will have to find out once it’s commercially available.

As is the case with all patent filings, there’s no guarantee if this technology will ever see the day of light. However, it will be interesting to see how Xiaomi ends up integrating its futuristic true wireless charging technology into any of its products. For now, we will have to wait and see how the plot unfolds.

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