Xiaomi Launches Mi KN95 Protective Mask in India

xiaomi launched mi K95 mask india

Since the COVID-19 cases in India are still on a steep rise, Xiaomi has decided to offer a new product to further the safety of the citizens. The company has launched the Mi KN95 protective mask in India. It joins the Mi AirPOP mask, which launched back in January last year.

The Mi KN95 mask arrives with four layers of protection. You have an inner layer and an outer layer of non-woven material that helps filter out bigger particles. The two middle layers are made of melt-blown fabric for bacteria and small particle filtration.

The company boasts that the mask offers over 95% Bacterial Filter Efficiency (BFE) and 95% particle filtration efficiency. Do not get scared of these big words. It simply means that the mask is capable of keeping out dust, smog, and bacteria as small as 3 microns. The four-layer filtration system also ensures easy breathability, which is really important if you are going to wear the mask for prolonged hours.

Xiaomi further talks about the snug fit of the Mi KN95 mask. It provides a secure 360-degree fit and weighs just around 5 grams, thanks to the non-woven fabric material in the mask. You will also find a nose conforming pin that can take the shape of the nose to prevent air leakage and fogging up of glasses at the same time. The mask also has softer ear loops to allow users to wear it for longer durations without any strain or pain in or around the ears.

If you are planning to buy new face masks, then a pair of Mi KN95 masks has been priced at Rs. 250 in India. You can also get the 5-pack for Rs. 600 from Xiaomi’s website right here.

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