X-Men ’97 Episode 6: How Is [SPOILER] Still Alive?

Another episode of X-Men ’97 is now live on Disney Plus and it does bring in something none of us expected to see. In episode 6 of X-Men ’97, we get to see that Charles Xavier is still alive and kicking but on another planet. More than that, we get to see him walking instead of being in a wheelchair. Now the question is how did that happen? Along with that in this episode, we get to see that Storm finally gained her powers back which we all knew at some point would happen. However, the appearance of Professor X in episode 6 was a shock. So, in this article, let me tell you how Professor X is still alive in the latest episode.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers for X-Men ’97 Episode 6 and X-Men: The Animated Series.

Professor X Never Died-Died

X-Men '97 Episode 6 How Is Professor X Still Alive
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The common notion, which even I believed before today, was that Professor X died during the events of X-Men: The Animated Series. However, this is far from the truth. In the final episode of X-Men: TAS, “Graduation Day”, we see Charles Xavier on his deathbed after being shot at and is on his last few breaths. However, an alien named Lillandra, ruler of the Shi’ar Empire who is also the lover of Charles Xavier shows up and says that she can potentially save his life if Charles leaves Earth behind and goes with her to her planet.

Considering the state of Charles Xavier, the X-Men agree to it and Charles is gone forever. However, his survival was almost impossible and he was presumed dead which is even made absolutely clear in the previous episodes of the currently running X-Men ’97. Now in episode 6 of X-Men’97, it is revealed to us that Lilandra was successful in saving Professor X’s life using highly advanced alien technology which is why Charles Xavier is still alive and is now going to return to Earth to reinforce and lead his X-Men once again in Episode 7 of X-Men ’97!

Storm Gets Her Powers Back and Her Iconic Black Costume

Another major event of X-Men ’97 episode 6 was Storm finally gaining her powers back. In episode 4 we got to see the introduction of a Demon called The Adversary who feeds on the fear and desperation of people. When Forge gets in between the Demon and the powerless Storm to save her, The Adversary bites him injecting him with its venom.

Now in episode 6, the poison is gradually spreading in the body of Forge which will kill him if not cured. The Demon urges Storm to let him die but she does not heed the demon’s will.

Forge lets her know that in a cave nearby, a magical herb grows that can save his life. Both of them make their way to that cave but as Storm starts climbing down a dark hole to get that herb, The Adversary appears once again and tries to push Storm into going back and being human as she wishes to be and not a hero. However, these attempts push Storm differently and she realizes that there is no being human for her and that she is meant to be a hero, hence manifesting her powers once again.

We also get to see that her powers came back stronger giving her the iconic black suit people have been wanting to see in X-Men ’97. As of now, this series is going on better than anyone could have expected, and when I said in my review of the premiere episodes, that it will keep you hooked, X-Men’97 is just proving me right at this point.

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