How to Use Wuthering Waves Levitator

In Short
  • Levitator is one of tools in Wuthering Waves, used to lift objects and throw them to clear path or solve puzzles.
  • Swap to the Levitator tool by opening the Tool wheel and selecting the tool.
  • Press the Tool key with the Levitator tool selected next to an object that can be levitated, and either place it on a pressure plate or throw it to clear paths or attack enemies.

Levitator is one of the core tools in Wuthering Waves and it helps players move objects from one place to another and can be even used to throw destructible objects at enemies. New players often have trouble using it, so here is a quick guide on how to unlock and use the Levitator in Wuthering Waves.

How to Unlock the Levitator in Wuthering Waves

Levitator Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

The Levitator, alongside the Glider, Grappling Hook, and Sensor is unlocked early in the game just after players reach the Jhinzou city. You don’t need to do anything special to unlock the Levitator. Simply play the initial story missions until you get the Grappling hook tutorial.

Continue playing the story mission and you will quickly come across the Sensor and Levitator tutorial just outside Jhinzou City.

How to Use the Levitator in Wuthering Waves

Using the Levitator is pretty simple. First, you need to select the Levitator from the tools. Here is how you can swap the tools to the Levitator:

  • For PC: Press and hold the Tab key to open the Tool wheel. Select the Levitator. It is represented by a box-shaped icon in the tool selector.
  • For Mobile: Press and hold the tool button, just above the Normal attack button, to open the Tool wheel. Now select the Levitator.
  • Open The Wuthering Waves tool Wheel on mobile
  • Select Levitator in Wuthering Waves

After you have selected the Wuthering Waves Levitator, go near an object that can be levitated and press the Tool key (“T” for PC and the button above the Normal Attack button for Mobile). This will pick up the object. Now you can either place the object or throw it. If you want to clear the Thorn vines tutorial, then aim and throw the explosive on it to clear the path.

Use Levitator Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: In-game Screenshot (Captured by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

So, that’s it. If you have any questions regarding the above steps, ask us in the comment section below and I will try to help you out. Also, if you are facing lagging issues in Wuthering Waves, perform the steps given here to fix them.

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