This is the World’s First Smart Bath Mat That Can Help Monitor Your Health

Check out the World's First "Smart" Bath Mat That Can Monitor Your Health

Following the trend of converting everyday things into technologically smart products, we have seen various tech companies develop some innovative things in the recent past. Now, a Paris-based startup has developed the world’s first smart bath mat that enables users to check their postures, measure their weight, and monitor various health metrics using a companion app.

BBalance Smart Bath Mat

Dubbed as the Bbalance Smart Bath Mat, the product has been designed by a company named Baracoda Daily Healthtech. It comes with a unique footprint ID system that allows the device to provide personalized health metrics for multiple individuals in a family, including their weight, body composition, posture, and balance. Yeah, footprint ID, which enables the bath mat to recognize who’s standing on it and log their metrics.

The Bbalance Bath Mat uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies to connect to a smartphone and its companion app. After the connection is made, users can track their health, weight, posture, and other body-related metrics via the app.

Check out the World's First "Smart" Bath Mat That Can Monitor Your Health

Once you step on the smart bath mat to dry your feet after coming from a bath, the AI-based footprint ID system will recognize you. It will then start collecting the relevant data from your weight, body posture, and balance to analyze them.

The Bbalance Mat also comes with a patent-pending pressure mapping technology that enables it to perform a 4,000 dot pressure mapping to suggest relevant exercises to correct your body posture. The app also provides exercises to improve your balance and mindfulness. Plus, the mat comes in various colors, including black, blue, pink, and white, to match the aesthetics of your house.

Coming to the app, there are two dedicated modes that you can use to monitor your health data. There is a Friendly mode that provides the data in a simple manner. However, if you are into graphs and pie charts, you could opt for the Data Mode that shows the raw health data in the app.

Price and Availability

As for the price and availability of the Bbalance Smart Bath Mat, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for the product on Indiegogo. It has already raised nearly $37,000 from around 200 backers as of writing this article.

So, if you back the campaign, you can get an early bird offer on the Bbalance bath mat that brings down its price of $399 (~Rs 29,922) to just $229 (~Rs 17,173). The company will start shipping the orders from April 2022, and the good news is that it will ship anywhere in the world at launch. Hence, if you want to get your hands on the world’s first smart bath mat, we suggest you back the project right now.

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