The Witcher 3 Is Getting an Official Mod Editor Next Year

The Witcher 3 official mod editor open world
Image Courtesy: CD Projekt Red/The Witcher 3

As Cyberpunk 2077 received a fresh new life with the Phantom Liberty expansion a few months back, the developers of The Witcher 3 plan to revitalize the game with a mod editor after 8+ years. Mods enable fans to expand the game’s world in meaningful ways while adding new functionalities and receiving support from the developers. This is a much-welcome news for the fanbase.

CD Projekt Red, the developers of Witcher 3, announced the news officially through their X account (formerly Twitter). The post mentions that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will receive an official mod editor. A mod editor, for those unaware, will allow players to create customized experiences in-game, such as adding new questlines or new content to existing questlines.

The universe of Witcher has various storylines that the game barely touches upon. This means passionate fans can re-create some of these stories into the game as new questlines. This mod editor for Witcher 3 will be free for everyone, launching sometime in 2024. CDPR will be sharing more details about this mod editor sometime early next year.

In response to the announcement, a few curious fans asked whether the mod editor will launch for consoles too or not. Well, the developer responded with, “PC Only,” confirming that the mod editor will be released only on PCs.

Unlike CDPR, Bethesda games have added mod support for their recent titles like Skyrim and Fallout 4 on consoles. Even Starfield should bring mod support for PC and Xbox sometime next year. As such, if the developer wants, they might allow console modding in the future.

Earlier, CD Projekt Red launched a Witcher 3 modkit that allowed modders to create new assets for the game. This gave rise to numerous gameplay mods, some of which were compiled and shipped with the Witcher 3 complete edition as official features. The modkit, however, didn’t allow players to create customized questlines, which the new mod editor will enable.

Furthermore, as the devs are currently fully focused on the next-gen Cyberpunk title and the new Witcher title based on Unreal Engine 5, we can expect the mod editor to launch during the spring 2024 timeline. Are you excited to replay Witcher 3 with modded questlines and new content?

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