Upcoming Witcher Game Could Introduce a New School of Lynx; Check out the Details!

new witcher game based on unreal engine 5 announced

If you are a Witcher fan, be it the books, games, or the Netflix show, I’m sure you have heard about the upcoming Witcher game that CD Projekt Red announced yesterday. Although the company did not reveal any details other than the fact that it is in the works, CDPR did release an official teaser poster. And interestingly, the developers have teased something that doesn’t exist in the Witcher universe, yet! Check out the details below to find out.

Witcher Teaser Poster Hints at “School of Lynx”

Before we get into the details, it is worth mentioning that CDPR has already confirmed that the upcoming Witcher title will not be called the Witcher 4, and Geralt will not be the protagonist of the story, though he could make a cameo here and there.

Now, in the teaser poster, other than the Witcher branding and the mention of “a new saga,” there is a Witcher medallion half-buried in snow. It is not the School of Wolf medallion like the one Geralt wears on his armor. So, many fans are speculating that it is a School of Cat medallion, to which Ciri belongs.

However, one eagle-eyed fan highlighted that the medallion looks more like a Lynx than a cat. If you don’t know, Lynx is a breed of cat that has unique features like a bigger body structure, pointy ear tips, and sharp teeth, unlike a regular house cat. And in the teaser image of the medallion, we can see the pointy ear tips clearly.

Furthermore, replying to the fan on Twitter, Marcin Momot, the Global Community Director at CDPR, reacted positively to his mention of a lynx. Hence, the introduction of the “school of lynx” could be a possibility but nothing has been confirmed directly. You can check out the tweet right below.

For those unaware, the “Witcher Schools,” named after various animals, are fictional organizations that train and nurture Witchers in the games and in the books. So, we expect the story of the upcoming Witcher game to revolve around a new character from a different school.

However, an interesting thing to mention here is that the “School of Lynx” currently does not exist in the Witcher universe, though there is a mention of “Lynx School gear” as part of a side-quest of the Witcher 3 title. So it would be interesting to see what the upcoming Witcher title has in store for us.

Other than the trailer and mere speculation, we do not have any details like the possible launch timeline, story, or gameplay. The upcoming Witcher title, however, is confirmed to be based on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5, thanks to a multi-year partnership between the companies. So, let us know your thoughts about the upcoming Witcher title in the comments below. And stay tuned for further updates.

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