This Window AC Comes in a Unique U-Shaped Design

Midea AC feat.

Traditional window air conditioners come in the same old design that blocks one of the windows in your house. So, you do not get the option to open that window to allow some fresh air to flow. However, this new redesigned AC from Midea changes the game entirely.

If you are someone who is annoyed by the fact that one of the windows in your house is occupied by your AC, then this unique U-shaped AC will take away all your annoyance. With this installed in one of your windows, you will be able to open the window anytime you want without messing up the AC.

This air conditioner is redesigned from the ground up and reinvents the design of window ACs. It looks like baby of a conventional window AC and a split AC.

Now, the feature that makes it the first of its kind is its design. The patented U-shaped design of this machine allows it to sit on a window while giving the user full freedom to open and close that window without decreasing the efficiency of the AC.

Midea AC 1

Now, it is important to note that your window should have vertical sliders for this to work, as the U-shape compartment is designed specifically for this type of windows. So, if you have the necessary kind of window, then this would be a perfect cooling machine for your home.

Apart from the unique design, the Midea AC is also an easiest-to-install kinda machine, unlike other conventional ACs. All the parts, screws and clasps are provided inside the box and anyone can install in three simple steps.

The Midea AC is also the quietest AC in the market right now, with ambient noise as low as 42 decibels. It can also connect to your smartphone using an app and can be controlled by voice using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Now, Midea is running an Indiegogo campaign and recently, the team moved from the prototype phase to the production phase. The campaign has already raised $1,539,495 from 3668 backers. You can get the AC in 3 different sizes – 8K BTU, 10k BTU or 12K BTU. It starts at $399 and goes all the way to $499 for the 12K BTU unit. Unfortunately, the company only ships the machine in the states of the US.

So, if you live in the US somewhere, then you can check out this first of its kind AC on Indiegogo. Also, let us know about your thoughts on the unique design of this AC in the comments below.

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