OnePlus CEO Reveals Why OxygenOS Doesn't Have Ads

OnePlus CEO Reveals Why OxygenOS Doesn’t Have Ads

OnePlus CEO Reveals Why OxygenOS Doesn't Have Ads

There is no denying that OxygenOS is one of the best custom skinned variants of the Android operating system. Unlike other OEMs that run ads in the operating system for a quick penny, OnePlus has stuck to its principles of staying away from ads and in a recent interview, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau explains why.

During the interview, Pete Lau emphasized that OnePlus focuses on improving the user experience. Basically, Mr.Lau wants to make it clear that the company will not add anything that doesn’t add value to customers even if that means compromising extra revenue.

“A lot of the differences between high-end mobile phones and ordinary mobile phones are in the details. If you use 90Hz, you can’t go back to 60Hz.”, says Pete Lau. According to Mr. Lau, when people buy a $1,000,000 car, the main concern isn’t how powerful the engine is, but the details and workmanship.

He believes that a product will gain the attention of users and will result in organic revenue. “I have no ads, but I can make money by selling my devices a little more expensive,” Lau added.

This interview clearly highlights how OnePlus wants to position itself in the smartphone industry. The company strives to be the flagship brand judging by the increasing costs, which is an irony considering how the brand entered the market with its “flagship killer” strategy. However, strategies of brands tend to change subject to market trends.

Lau also hinted that OnePlus TV which debuted in India earlier this year will be coming to China next year. However, there was no word on the pricing and exact timeline.

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