Who Is Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon Season 2?

House of the Dragon Season 2 continues to bring several new dragons and characters into the frame, and Alys Rivers is one of them. So, as the mysterious bastard of House Strong, Alys Rivers, has finally appeared in the HOTD Season 2 episode 3; let’s find out who exactly she is. Alys Rivers will play a significant role in House of the Dragon season 2 if the showmakers follow the books.

Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon

Who Is Alys Rivers in House of the Dragon Season 2?
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Alys Rivers was a bastard from House Strong and also the bedmate of the Targaryen prince Aemond. The character is portrayed by the 34-year-old Scottish actress Gayle Rankin in House of the Dragon Season 2. Daemon left the Dragonstone in HOTD Season 2 Episode 2 and the third episode showed him claiming Harrenhal.

The moment he arrived at Harrenhal, the first person he met was none other than Alys Rivers. However, it seems she came as a piece of bad news to Daemon as she told him that he was going to die in Harrenhal. Even though she was seen in the episode for a brief time, we can’t deny that this shocking comment coming from her shook the Targaryen warrior from head to toe.

Alys was a mysterious woman who was believed to be way older than she appeared. For instance, during the Dance of the Dragons, she was 40 years old, but she looked younger. So, people believed that she was a witch who would drink unmarried women’s blood to resist aging. Munkun and Eustace believe that she is a witch who relies on spells and potions for her youthfulness.

Mushroom stated that Alys Rivers was a wet nurse to Harwin and Larys Strong. Besides them, she served as the wet nurse to several Harrenhal children. Alys survived the situation when Harrenhal’s residents were taken as hostages by Daemon Targaryen and his army.

Later, she was also spared by Aemond when the Greens reclaimed Harrenhal and instructed their army to kill every member of House Strong. Since then, she has been a bedmate to Aemond Targaryen, so it gave people another reason to believe that she was a witch who enchanted the prince with magic. However, Aemond knew that Alys could see visions in water, flames, and storm clouds, so there is a possibility that he took her so that she could help House Green during the Civil War.

Later, when Alys got pregnant with Aemond’s child, she still managed to help the Greens in the Civil War. Also, she was the one who helped Aemond find Daemon before both men locked horns in the battle above God’s Eye. So, we will surely see the character playing a significant role in HOTD Season 2’s further episodes.

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