WhatsApp + Facebook UI/UX Design Concept

Facebook has recently acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion US dollars, which has over 450 million registered users and if we do the math, Facebook paid approximately 42 USD per WhatsApp user.

Since Facebook has paid a lot of money for acquiring this 5 years old company, we expect some changes in the app, soon. But before Facebook make any changes in the UI/UX or functionality of WhatsApp, here’s something they must look at.

Hari Krishnan, UI/UX designer and creative director of infigolabs Bangalore, India, has created an amazing design concept for WhatsApp integrated with Facebook, as a tribute to the acquisition.

He has put a lot of time and energy in giving this design a final shape, check it out.


Follow this link to get in touch with Hari Krishnan, you can also visit his behance profile, where he first published the design concept. Also, feel free to share your thoughts in comments below the post.


Facebook Re-design Concept Pics

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