WhatsApp to Soon Let Businesses Create Custom Links Under Its Premium Subscription Plan

WhatsApp to Soon Let Businesses Create Custom Links Under Its Premium Subscription Plan

While in its initial days WhatsApp was a paid app for iOS users, the company transitioned to become a freeware going forward. However, with the addition of more features, the Meta-owned messaging giant is now looking to offer a “WhatsApp Premium” subscription plan for business accounts (optional) with exclusive features such as extended multi-device support and the ability to create customized domain names for their accounts. Check out the details below.

WhatsApp to Soon Let Businesses Create Custom Domain Names

Earlier this year, we saw evidence of WhatsApp testing a new subscription plan for business accounts that will offer exclusive features to businesses on the messaging platform. The previous report, coming from reputable WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, suggested that WhatsApp business users will be able to link up to 10 devices to their business accounts.

Now, in a recent report, WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp’s upcoming Premium plan for businesses will let users create “wa.me” custom domain names via which customers would be able to directly message to their WhatsApp accounts.

The domain name will follow the “wa.me/” format, making it an ideal contact option to put on a business website for potential customers to reach out. You can check out a preview of the upcoming feature in the screenshots attached below.

Credit: WABetaInfo

After creating the custom business link for their WhatsApp accounts, business users would be able to change it after every 90 days. And as the customized links are unique to businesses, it will always open up a trusted business account on WhatsApp.

As for the availability of the upcoming WhatsApp Premium subscription plan, WABetaInfo says that it is currently under development on WhatsApp Business beta for iOS, Android, and desktop. Furthermore, the tipster continued to reassure us that it will be an optional plan for business owners and not a mandatory one. WhatsApp Business as well as the primary messaging app will continue to remain free for users.

VIA Android Police
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