We Tested WhatsApp’s New ‘Best Quality’ Photo Upload Option; Here Are the Results

send whatsapp photos in best quality

WhatsApp was spotted testing an option to let users choose the image upload quality for sending images in the app last week. As first spotted by reputable WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo, the feature is currently rolling out to beta testers on Android.

Send WhatsApp Images in Best Quality

If you are using WhatsApp beta for Android version, you can set the quality for sending WhatsApp images in the app’s settings. To set the preferred photo quality on WhatsApp, go to Settings -> Storage and data. Here, you will see a new “Photo upload quality” option under Media upload quality settings. You can set the photo upload quality as Auto, Best quality, or Data saver.

set photo upload quality whatsapp

WhatsApp Best Quality Photo Upload Quality: Tested

As promised, we have done a quick test to show you the capability of the new Best quality upload. And spoiler alert, it’s disappointing. For this test, I have used a 12MP photo shot on my OnePlus 7T. The photo has a resolution of 3000x 4000 resolution and a size of 3.9MB.

whatsapp best quality test

Now, I sent the same image on WhatsApp with Auto, Best Quality, and Data saver options. The image sent in Auto mode had a size of 153KB, while the so-called Best quality image had a size of 178KB. Data saver mode compressed the image to 110KB.

whatsapp photo quality difference

And for those wondering about the resolution, both Auto and Best quality images were of 1.9MP and had a resolution of 1200 x 1600 when I downloaded them. Image sent in Data saver mode was of 1.2MP and WhatsApp resized it to 960 x 1280 resolution. As you would expect, the image sent as a file preserved the image quality and the metadata.

So yeah, if you are planning to send uncompressed images, sending them as files is still the way to go. You could use the best quality option though – if you are into sharing high-quality memes with your friends and family.

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