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Reading long articles will always give you a detailed perspective regarding a particular subject or topic but at times, skimming through a long document is the best way to go if there are time restrictions. I always wished if someone would summarize a long article for me and guess what, I found a website named TLDR This! that gives an instant summary of an article or a long-form of text.

The website’s name is inspired by the acronym of the internet slang “Too Long; Didn’t Read” that is used on forums and groups when people post long answers to questions or share articles over 500 words. I personally have used the acronym to demand summaries from my friends when they send paragraphs of text and I’m sure I’m not the only lazy one here.

Coming to the technical aspects, you have the option to paste a URL or just paste the entire form of text in the text box provided on the website. After doing either of those, click on Process text. You will get a brief summary of the content in a few seconds.

tldr-summaryWhile the results produced were not up to the mark every time, it managed to provide close to relevant results when I tried using the service on multiple sources.

If you’re feeling reluctant to visit the website to get the summary, you may also install the browser extension of the service. You can then click on the icon of the extension found on the top right corner of the website to get the summary. As of now, TLDR This! is available in the Chrome Web Store and Firefox Add-ons.

So, what are you waiting for? Save yourself some time by checking out TLDR This! from the links given below and let us know what you think of the service in the comments.

TLDR This! WebsiteDownload Chrome Extension | Download Firefox Add-on

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