The Watch Dogs Movie Has Finally Begun Filming!

Watch Dogs Movie
Image Courtesy: Ubisoft/Watch Dogs
In Short
  • After seven years of rumors, the Watch Dogs movie has officially begun filming.
  • Directed by Mathieu Tuli, the movie is set to star Sophie Wilde, among others.
  • The movie is yet to have a release date. However, Ubisoft and New Regency Productions are producing live-action adaptations.

Another day, another video game adaptation. Rumors of an official Watch Dogs movie started sparking early as 2013. However, that was that as we were stuck without an official confirmation. However, we finally have solid news as Ubisoft has shared the fact that the Watch Dogs movie has finally begun filming!

The company shared the news through its official Ubisoft account on a post made on X. New Regency Productions, known for producing movies like Pretty Woman, Fight Club, and Gone Girl, among many other prolific films, have taken the production duties for the Watch Dogs movie.

Mathieu Turi, known for directing movies like Hostile, Meander, and The Deep Dark, is joining the Watch Dogs movie team as the director. Other projects under his belt include writing the Plague Tale TV adaptation, which is apparently in production.

Outside of this information, neither the director nor Ubisoft shared anything additional. A report by Deadline confirmed that Sophie Wilde was in talks to join the Watch Dogs movie as a cast member.

Similarly, as per the Deadline report, Mathieu Turi and Christie LeBlanc are co-writing the script for the movie, which should be set in a near-future fictionalized rendition of real-world cities worldwide.

After cities worldwide adopt a big-data system to run everything called CtOS, hactivists take it upon themselves to topple CtOS and make everyone aware of its dangers. Each game in the series covers a different member of DeadSec, a hacktivist group.

While we have no official release date for the Watch Dogs movie, we are so excited! So, are you excited about the Watch Dogs movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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