Volume Styles Lets You Totally Customize the Volume Panel on Android

Volume Styles feat.

Over the years, the volume panel of Android has been through a lot of changes with software updates from Google. However, other than what Google provides, users do not really have the option to customise the panel as per their needs. Well, now they can customise the volume panel with the Volume Styles app.

The changes in the volume panel can be a bit hard to track for the average Android users. This is because different manufacturers slap a skin on top of stock Android and change the design elements of the OS. So this results in different types of volume panels in different OSes.

However, the Volume Styles application changes this situation by letting the users get their preferred volume panel of different OSes or make a whole new design by customising the panel themselves.

With this app, the users can get the volume panels of OSes like the MIUI, OxygenOS, EMUI, iOS, One UI or the Stock Android one. It even features some unusual ones like the emoji panel, the wave design and the Windows 10 panel.

Volume Styles 10

If the users want to further customise the panels, an in-app purchase will allow them to customise a few other elements like the colour of the panel and unlock the auto-expansion feature.

Volume Styles premApart from these, the users will also be able to:

  • Select whether the panel follows the system-wide dark mode or not.
  • Change the panel position from left to right.
  • Change the vertical position that will allow the user to slide from top to bottom to change the volume.
  • Select the type of sliders.
  • Allow the panel to adapt to auto-brightness.
  • Dim the background of the panel.

Volume Styles 1 (2)

Created by Tom Bayley, the senior developer of XDA and the app is available to download for free in the Google Play Store. So, if you are tired of the same old design of the volume panel, get the app now to customise it to your heart’s content or get a volume panel of other OSes.

SOURCE XDA Developers
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