Classic VLC Win32 App Is Now Available on the Microsoft Store

vlc player win32 ms store

VideoLAN, the non-profit organization behind the popular VLC media player, has now brought the Win32 version of VLC Player to Microsoft Store. First spotted by Windows Central, interested users running Windows 11 can access the VLC player from the revamped MS Store right now.

Download VLC Player from Microsoft Store

You might recall that a version of VLC already exists on Microsoft Store. And you are right, it does. However, the Microsoft Store version of VLC that has been around so far was the UWP app. Compared to the classic VLC player, the UWP port of the player lacked many features, including the ability to play DVDs or Blurays.

That changes with the Win32 version of the VLC player on the new MS Store. Here’s the features list that VideoLAN has shared in the Microsoft Store listing of the app:

  • Multimedia player
  • Audio and music player
  • Subtitles synchronization
  • File transcoding
  • Streaming
  • Digital TV tuner
  • DVD playback
  • Audio CD player

VLC is the latest Win32 app to make its way to Microsoft Store. Over the past few weeks, several popular apps, including WinZip, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, and even Microsoft’s own Edge browser, have made their way to the Microsoft Store. With the upcoming Android support in Microsoft Store and these useful app listings, Microsoft is finally making Store something Windows users would want to use.

If you are already testing Windows 11, you can search for the VLC player in the MS Store to download it. If you already have an existing VLC installation, this will merely replace the installation and won’t be a separate instance. Which app do you wish to see next on the Microsoft Store? Tell us in the comments.

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