This Video Shows Why a Rolls Royce Car is So Expensive

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When we think of an expensive car, the only brand that comes to our mind is obviously the Rolls Royce. Apart from working on a flying taxi, the company makes some of the most expensive cars in the world. However, has it ever crossed your mind why a Roll Royce is so expensive compared to other cars? Well, a Business Insider video explains it all.

Now, there are many things like the “Spirit of Ecstacy” statue, the noise-reducing tires and interior design and the Rolls Royce name and logo that make the cars expensive. However, the primary reasons for the cars being so costly are the paint and the handcrafted interior designing.

The base price of the common Rolls Royce cars like the Phantom, Ghost, Wraith and the Cullinan ranges from $314,000 to $450,000. However, these prices can reach the skies and even go beyond if you want a “bespoke” Rolls Royce.

Now, a bespoke Rolls Royce is a car that is customised by the company’s “bespoke” team and it will reflect your vision of luxury.

So, the creation of a bespoke Rolls Royce starts with the colour of the car. The company has a colour palette of over 44,000 unique shades which they have collected from bespoke customers over the years. One of the customers even gave the team a bag of 1000 diamonds which they crushed and infused with the paint of his car to give it a shimmery look! This all happened in the “Surface Finish Center” because calling it a paint shop would be insulting, according to the official tour guide of Rolls Royce, David Dean.

So, after the custom paintjob…err…I mean “surface finish”, comes the handcrafted interior designing. This includes converting the dashboard into a form of art or converting the roof of the car into a starry night sky. One customer decorated the dashboard of a Phantom with a gold-plated 3D printed stainless steel panel that replicated the customer’s DNA!

The Starlight Headliner, on the other hand, is a feature that can give make the roof of your Rolls Royce look like an actual night sky with millions of stars and even shooting stars! This is made by using a series of fiber-optic roof lights precisely placed by the bespoke team. According to Alexandra Banga, the Starlight Headliner Craftsperson, it takes up to 16 hours to make the starry roof of a Roll Royce as the team drills the roof and perforate each hole with a fiber-optic light to make it the perfect roof for a luxury car.

Now, there are many other factors that affect the cost of a Rolls Royce. However, if you’re planning to buy one of these, you have to keep in mind that you are not paying for insane horsepower or any high-end self-driving tech. You are simply paying for the luxury and the fact that you own a Rolls Royce.

Check out Business Insider’s video (below) to find out many other interesting facts about a Rolls Royce car that will make you go “WHAAAAT?”.

SOURCE Business Insider
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