This Video Shows the iMac with a Curved Glass

iMac redesign feat.

Since Steve Jobs unveiled the aluminium iMac model back in 2007, the design of the machine has remained more or less the same. Of course, it has gone through some iterations over the years, but nothing major has changed design-wise.

However, a recent patent application filed by Apple showed a completely re-designed iMac that can make its way to the market. The patent is filed under “Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member”. This particular patent showed that Apple is planning to forgo the old-school iMac design for a more modern-looking machine. The company is planning to build the machine with a single sheet of glass which will be curved at the bottom.

Once the patent was published, it started circulating in the tech community. Subsequently, it did not take long for designers to create concept videos to showcase how the real-life model of the new iMacs will look like.

Jermaine Smit, a designer of Dutch origin, created a concept video of the proposed iMac, showing how the machine will look on a computer desk. The video (below) shows the re-designed iMac from every possible angle with the keyboard at the front and the wedge-like prop that will house the components and the I/O at the back.

The video shows the iMac in all its glory with all the proposed changes. An almost bezel-less display, the glass curving at the bottom, and a keyboard that is embedded at the base of the machine. The iMac in the video looks exactly like the one that the patent shows. The designer did his best to capture all the details of the new design.

While the new design surely looks fascinating, it is highly unlikely that Apple will release the redesigned iMac anytime soon. Nonetheless, we can surely anticipate the path that Apple may take when launching the next iMac version.

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