USB Condom Is All You Need to Protect Your Data While Traveling

use usb condom to protect data while traveling

Let me start off by saying that “USB Condom” is a terrible name for a tiny USB stick-like device that will come in super handy in time of need. Well, if we put it like that then the name doesn’t sound that bad.

Jokes aside, the USB Condom is basically a USB data blocker. What this means is that it would enable you to protect your device against malicious hackers while you charge the device at public charging stations at airports or hotels. You should also use it every time you connect your device to someone else’s computer.

The technique of using a charging port or infected cable for installing malware on devices connected to public USB ports is called Juice Jacking. But, you can safeguard yourself by using this tiny device. “The USB Condom achieves this [protection] by blocking the data pins in the USB cable and allowing only power to flow through,” stated the official listing from SyncStop, who sells these devices.

usb condom - syncstop

The image attached above is for the ‘most affordable USB data blocker. It’s naked (pun intended) as you can see, but you can get a more, what should I say, covered USB data blocker for $12.99 right here. Using it is straight forward, you just need to plug-in your USB cable into the data blocker before connecting it to any unknown USB ports and PCs. And voila, your data is safe from hackers!

SyncStop is compatible with Android, Apple, Windows, and Blackberry devices. I suggest everyone should get one of these data blockers (they’re quite cheap) and always keep it attached to their USB cables. Remove it only when you need to transfer data (make sure you use a trusted PC) and reattach it once you’re done. This will give you some peace of mind as you no longer need to be worried sick about your data being stolen.

For those interested, check out this USB data blocker on Amazon India (Rs. 850)

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