Bengaluru Startup Ultrahuman Launches Smart Ring to Measure and Improve Metabolic Health

The smart wearables market is growing and companies are jumping into the sector to capitalize on this opportunity. While most tech giants are focused on offering a large screen, standard health features, and calling at the best price, a Bengaluru-based fitness-tech startup named Ultrahuman has announced a smart ring that can help you keep track of your metabolism and improve your overall health.

Ultrahuman Ring Launched in India

The Ultrahuman Ring uses advanced sensors and algorithms to track and improve users’ metabolic health by measuring their movements, sleep, blood glucose level, and more. It works with Ultrahuman’s existing fitness-tracking app that manages users’ metabolic data and also delivers timely notifications to improve their health.

As for the design, the Ultrahuman Ring sports a minimal design and can withstand harsh conditions. The outer part of the smart wearable is made of titanium and coated with tungsten carbide, which the company claims are five times stronger than traditional steel. Furthermore, it has no screen or a haptic system. So, users will not need to worry about getting constant notifications during their daily activities.

Other than tracking metabolic health, the Ultrahuman Smart Ring is also able to gather data about a user’s non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). Moreover, it measures the users’ sleep, glucose intake, and other parameters to help them follow a proper diet and maintain their health.

Price and Availability

Coming to the availability, the Ultrahuman Ring will be available for pre-order globally from July 7. The company will start shipping the orders from August this year. Although Ultrahuman has not yet revealed the price of the smart ring, it is expected to launch the product with a premium pricing plan with lifetime coverage and a second plan that will follow a monthly-subscription system.

VIA Techcrunch
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