Ubisoft Launches Sam, A Virtual Assistant Only For Gamers

Ubisoft Launches Sam, A Virtual Assistant Only For Gamers

Ubisoft has just launched Sam, a virtual assistant aimed at gamers. The assistant will live inside the Ubisoft Club companion app for Android and iOS. The gaming giant has already started to roll out Sam as a beta update starting with its user base in Canada.

Sam is a virtual assistant designed specifically for Ubisoft gamers. That means Sam is deeply integrated with Ubisoft’s services.

As far as functionality is concerned, Ubisoft has a very good video explaining all the major stuff that Sam can do right now. You can ask Sam simple trivia questions about Ubisoft’s game and it will give you the answers. You can even use acronyms for the names of the game and Sam will understand which game you are talking about. Sam will also keep a track of all the games that you are playing and give you related information. For example, you can ask, “How long I have played Assassins Creed Origins” and the companion will tell you the exact hours you have spent playing the game. It will even give you an estimate of what percentage of the game you have explored.


Sam will also be intelligent enough to help you through sticky situations in games. For example, if you are stuck on any level for a long time, Sam will proactively suggest a way for you to master that level. You can also ask Sam to show you which games your friends are playing and then purchase that game if you don’t already have it. Sam can also show you trailers of new game releases and keep track of the launch dates.

As you can see, if Sam is actually as good as advertised, it will come really handy to gamers. I especially love the feature which allows me to easily access my playing stats and also the one where it can help me master a level I alone cannot. However, the service is still in beta and only available in Canada, so there is no way to know if it actually works as good as it sounds. Still, it’s a good initiative from Ubisoft and I for one would love to see how this pans out.

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