Uber to Allow Riders to Choose Drivers Based on Ratings: CEO

Uber to Allow Riders to Choose Drivers Based on Ratings: CEO

Uber to Allow Riders to Choose Drivers Based on Ratings: CEO

The safety of Uber passengers has been subject to distrust due to several incidents of assault by drivers in the past few years, with sexual crimes being topping the list. Within 2018 itself, there have been reported at least three cases from the US and England.

But, as Uber moves forward to turn its fortune around under the leadership of new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, it is taking steps to ensure that users feel in-charge of their own security. Khosrowshahi, who was speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum (WEF), committed Uber to “truly stand for safety” and announced that it the company is developing a new mechanism to improve the experience of riders.

Uber to Allow Riders to Choose Drivers Based on Ratings: CEO
Uber CEO (3rd from Left) at Davos WEF | Courtesy: Quartz

The new mechanism will allow passengers to be able to “opt-in” for not just a bigger or a more premium cab, but also seek drivers with better ratings. This is in line with the executive’s plans to turn Uber profitable by the end of 2021. The company is also looking to make aggressive changes to its functioning and, in the words of the CEO, wants “particularly good” drivers and will these ratings will now be among the strict parameters for performance appraisal.

I think the car and service are two different things so we have to bring much more fidelity into our system, – Dara Khosrowshahi

The executive, however, did not speak about the potential financial implications this rating system will have on drivers and especially riders. While it’s safe to presume that like upgrading to nicer cars, riders might have to pay more to ferry with ‘safer drivers’. But, it is very difficult, as of now, to assert whether ratings will determine the fare.

It must be noted that Uber also allows drivers to rate passengers and lets them reject a passenger with a bad score.

The announcement also coincides with the anticipated Softbank investment which was concluded last week. Uber is currently roiling in losses and is preparing to bounce back by heaping more engagement from its riders.


  1. Also, another thing to fix is the ongoing defrauding of riders and drivers alike by letting non Uber Select listed vehicles, recently traveled to Texas and out of the four rides I requested three Of the vehicles were not on the list, Nissan Altima and two Mitsubishi Outlanders, 3 out of 4 is a high rate. Does Uber audit their platforms, at least with Lyft when I order a Premier I get a Premier vehicle.

  2. Yo, i only work nights, i get drunk assholes all the time and i deal with it to an extent, my rating is a 4.89, if it was not for the assholes who rate me low because i will not let them vape in my car or eat in my car or make me stop for them at a fast food drive through when the stop is not in the computer or chaufer them to a store to buy cigarettes without a stop in the computer or take them on a different route that is further at the same fare then i would be around a 4.95 to 5.0. If this is going to affect me then i won’t drive at all.

    1. Why don’t you let them vape? It’s totally harmless and doesn’t leave any odor in your car that 10 seconds of windows down won’t fix.

  3. Uber does allow drivers to reject ride requests, but there’s a penalty assessed to the driver for doing so too often.

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