Uber’s New Service ‘Uber Connect’ Lets Users Send Packages Locally

uber connect launched

Cab-aggregator Uber has today launched a new service in India to facilitate local package delivery. The service, called ‘Uber Connect’ will allow users to send packages to friends and family in their city.

Uber Connect will allow users to send and receive packages that can be transported on a two-wheeler, and are under 5kg in weight. The company has also said that it will not deliver prohibited items including recreational drugs and alcohol. The list of prohibited items includes a variety of things, as well as some rather weird inclusions: people, human corpses, and urine being on the list.

The company is launching the service in four cities right now: Jaipur, Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Guwahati. Users can download the Uber app, log into their accounts and fill in the pickup and drop-off address as usual. Thereafter they should see ‘Uber Connect’ as an option in the vehicle selection scroller within the app. Once you’ve confirmed the trip, the app will notify you as soon as a delivery partner is en-route to your location. Uber says that you can contact the rider for any special pickup or drop-off instructions.

Customers will also be able to share the package delivery trip with their friends and family members so they can keep a track of the package’s location. The company has not announced when (or if) the service will be expanded to other cities, but we will keep you updated about it so you can send packages to your loved ones.

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