twitter spaces thread button

Twitter Tests a Conversation Thread for Spaces; Check out the Details!

twitter spaces thread button

Twitter wants to expand the capabilities of its audio room feature Spaces as it has started testing the ability to better interact during a Space session. As a result, a new conversation thread option is being added as part of the test. Here’s a look at all the details.

Twitter Wants Spaces to Be More Interactive!

The official Twitter Spaces account on the platform has revealed that when a person will host a Space session, a Space Card will be sent out as a tweet with an aim for participants to reply, engage, and share the ongoing Space. People who are in the Space can easily send tweets directly from the Space.

There will be a thread button within the Space UI next to the reactions option, clicking on which will lead people to the Space thread that was started as soon as the Space went live. Users can also view the number of chats as part of the thread but can only view the tweets that have been sent as a reply.

This ability is currently being tested for a select few Android and iOS users. Do let us know if you are able to use the functionality. It remains to be seen when and if this feature will be available for all Twitter users.

The dedicated thread button in Spaces comes in addition to a recent Twitter Spaces test, which allows iOS users to record a 30-sec clip of a Space and share it with others to listen to the session on their timeline. This is a way for people to get the gist of a Space and join it if they are interested.

Recently, Twitter also started testing Circle, which allows people to share their tweets with only up to 150 people and create a small group on the platform. This is similar to the “Close Friends” feature on Instagram for people to share their stories with a limited set of people.

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