There’s no dearth of great cases for the iPhones but if you are looking for a super thin and very minimal case for your iPhone, you should check out Totallee’s ultra thin cases. Totallee offers some great cases for almost all the modern iPhones out there, ranging from iPhone 6, 6 Plus to the latest iPhone 8, 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The folks at Totallee were kind enough to send us a couple of cases, the frosted white thin case, available for $19, for the iPhone 7 and the matte black thin case, available for $19, for the iPhone X.

Totallee cases 1

Well, we have been using these cases on our iPhone 7 and iPhone X and well, we quite like it. The first thing I noticed when I applied the case on our iPhone X is how light the case is. I mean, the Totallee case at around 2.83 grams does not add any noticeable heft to the device. weight to the device. The same goes for the iPhone 7 case. Both the cases are super lightweight. The lighweight nature of the cases is also due to the their thickness. The Totallee cases are 0.02” thin, so your slim iPhone remains slim. And it’s not like the thin nature sacrifices protection. According to Totallee, these thin cases do bring protection against from scratches, nicks, and scuffs.

Apart from the dimensions and the weight, the Totallee cases are absolutely minimal. There’s no branding whatsover. Plus, the case have a matte, grippy finish which makes holding the iPhones much more pleasing, because the iPhone X, especially, is one slippery device.

So yes, the Totallee cases are totally great (pun intended!). Along with the two cases we have, Totallee offers leather cases, screen protectors, cables and even special edition cases, which looks pretty good.

Also, Totallee offers 2 years of warranty, free shipping and free returns, which is great. So, what’s not to like?

Check out Totallee cases and do let us know how you like Totallee cases them in the comments section down below.

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