Top 5 Android Apps for Book Readers

Book lovers are always passionate about their collection of books and often try to explore new writings. Books touch our lives day in and day out. Book reading is not only about the content but also the physical possession of a book. But all this is nostalgia now with the advent of technology. E-books have transformed the way we interact with books. With e-books the content is available anywhere at any time. E-books have brought about whole new dimension to the hobby of book reading by making the whole experience a lot more convenient. Smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S2 enriched the experience further more with their unique apps. Let’s take a look at 5 android apps that would quench your thirst for literature.

1. Wattpad

Wattpad is a unique app that lets you discover new stories every day from its huge collection of stories. With Wattpad anybody can become a writer and get appreciated by millions of other Wattpad users. Wattpad is essentially a social eReading app that connects readers and writers across all genres. The collection of genres will certainly not let you down. The app has a clutter free UI that is simple and very easy to understand. Create a Wattpad account and you are good to go. Share your story with the world or read one from the huge collection all right here. You can download the book you want and save it in your library. The app supports a night mode for all the late night readers and also various other customization options. The app is truly brilliant and certainly will keep you engrossed.


2. Aldiko Book Reader

If there were ever an e-book reader most associated with android it has to be Aldiko. Aldiko is an amazing package of beauty and performance. Right from the word go the app shouts through the roof about its supremacy over the other apps. The shelf view is absolutely stunning and reminds you of its real world counterpart. Aldiko lets you browse through all the books present in your device. Aldiko support pdf, epub and Adobe DRM encrypted books which covers almost all popular e-book formats. The app offers a fully customizable reading experience letting you to adjust font size, font type, background color, alignment, line spacing and brightness. The app also lets you browse the huge collection of books online. Some other key features include global text search in a book and dictionary. All this make Aldiko a solid e-book reader next to none.

Price: Free

3. Marvel Comics

Marvel, there is hardly any book reader that has never heard of this popular comic book house. After all it has given the world its superheroes. For all the comic book readers who would like to catch up with their superheroes, this app is tailor made for you. With this app you have your favourite superhero in your pocket. All you need is a Marvel account and you are good to go. Browse through the collection of comics and download the ones you love. There are quite a few free comics in addition to the paid ones. All the books purchased and downloaded are synced to your marvel account so that you can access them anywhere on any device.

Price: Free

4. Google Play Books

Google unleashes its supremacy in terms of content with this app. Google brings the google books to Android with this app. The app lets you read the millions of books available in its database. The app features new releases, New York Times best sellers, upcoming authors and free books. One of the great features of this app is that syncs your current page with your account which means you can pick up from where you left be it tablet or phone or computer.

Price: Free

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is your very own digital magazine. Make your very own magazine with the news that matters to you and your social news. With Flipboard on board you will not miss out on the world’s stories and life’s great moments thanks to the Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, tumblr integration. You can read all your feeds and tweets in your own magazine. Flipboard brings with it a beautiful way of keeping you updated. The app looks elegant and packs a solid performance beneath. You can choose to subscribe news from the various categories offered or get your very own rss feeds using your Google Reader account. You can have your very own Flipboard account to keep all your devices synced with your content. The app also supports Read Later feature which lets you save news items for later reading you can use your Pocket, Instapaper or Readability account for this feature. The app offers truly an amazing experience.

Price: Free

Author Bio: This post is written by Rahul Kandhasami.

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