This Company Built a Touchless Doorbell for the COVID-19 Era

touchless video doorbell

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, touching public properties has become somewhat of a hazardous practice. As a result, we have seen banks develop touchless cash withdrawals in ATMs. However, if you are someone who gets a lot of visitors, be it a delivery person or your local vendor, then your doorbell is also kind of a public property too. So, to minimize contact with other people and monitor your doorstep with ease, has come up with a solution – a Touchless Video Doorbell.

American security solutions company,, has now launched a unique video monitoring system that works as a touchless doorbell and a home security system. As per the company’s claims, this is the “first commercially available video doorbell that rings without requiring any contact”. Their primary motive is to “reduce public health risks and make home visits and deliveries safer for all”.

Coming to the Touchless Video Doorbell, the device comes as a compact module with a 1080p wide-angle lens that provides a 150-degree vertical view of the visitor(s). This camera is also equipped with infrared night vision to detect visitors (or an intruder) at night. And, along with this module, the company is also selling a doormat that informs visitors where to stand to ring the touchless doorbell.

Now, following the installation of the Touchless Video Doorbell, when the device detects a visitor at your house, it plays a sound on your home security system, sends an alert to your smartphone, and starts recording a video clip. So, even with zero contact, you can see and speak with your visitor(s) via the device right on your smartphone.

Moreover, the Touchless Video Doorbell is also supported by the company’s other home security components. So, you can connect other supported components to make them work in harmony in providing you the best security at your fingertips.

Now, the product is available in the US markets via’s installation partners. Although the company did not reveal the actual price of the whole system, company representatives said that the doorbell itself costs less than $200 (~Rs 14,650).

VIA Verge
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