Tesla Cars Will Soon Adjust Their Sound System According to Ambient Noise

Tesla Model S website

Tesla makes some of the most coveted cars on the market today, including the affordable Model 3 and the Model S and Model X. However, the software in these cars has often come under criticism for being buggy and unreliable, with a perennial work-in-progress feel to it.

Musk has had to do a lot of firefighting in recent times, trying to explain and apologize for the delay in the roll-out of various features like Autopilot 2.0. True to his form, he has also been hyping up Tesla’s neural net without giving any definitive timeline about when the long-overdue features will be finally rolled out.

Now, the celebrated co-founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company has seemingly confirmed that the next update to the Model S sound system will include the ability to adjust the media sound based on wind and road noise. He, however, refused to give any specific ETA for the roll-out, only saying that it is “Coming soon”.

Musk has a habit of being vague about his companies’ products and services, either because he believes it keeps the suspense alive, helping him and his ventures gain more coverage in the media, or because he’s himself in the dark about what’s to come. Just earlier this month, he had resorted to the same word – “soon” –  to answer a Twitter user who’d asked him about when more voice commands will be rolled out to the Model 3.

The company, however, has been rolling out a number of new updates to its cars, including a new battery pre-heating feature that maximizes efficiency in cold climes. Upcoming updates are also expected to bring a bunch of new features, including the ability to activate windshield, back window, seats, and steering wheel heating from the mobile app.

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