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wi-fi 6 is the new wireless network standard

Next-gen Wireless Standard Will Be Called Wi-Fi 6 Instead of 802.11ax

The 802.11 standard, developed by the IEEE, for wireless network technology may have looked like gibberish to a lot of you until date, but the Wi-Fi Alliance...
Asus Unveils New Wi-Fi Routers For Gamers With 802.11ax Support

The New Asus 802.11ax Router Has Support for up to 11,000 Mbps Bandwidth

The Asus ROG phone stole the limelight at 2018 Computex in Taipei but it also unveiled other exciting products. Asus has announced two new Wi-Fi...
asus rt-ax88u_01_

ASUS RT-AX88U Is The Company’s First 802.11ax Wi-Fi Router

In addition to the flurry of TV, refrigerator, and laptop announcements at CES 2018, you could also spot the presence of several connectivity devices as...