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Indian Govt. Warns of Massive Phishing Attack Promising COVID-19 Aid, Free Testing

The Indian government has warned of an imminent threat of a massive phishing attack targeting unsuspecting citizens. According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response...

[UPDATE: Google’s Statement] Scary Gmail Bug Lets Anyone Send Anonymous Mails

Update: Google reached out to us through a Cloud spokesperson who works with the security team. "We will be rolling out fixes to address...

India Among Top 4 Countries In Phishing Attacks

India is among the top four nations targeted by phishing attacks, a new report said on Monday, adding that the country is also among...
Hacker two-factor authentication

New Phishing Kit on Dark Web Lets Anyone Launch Cyber Attacks

Often called the 'Digital Wild West', the Dark Web's hidden marketplaces are said to sell everything from illegal military-grade assault rifles, banned narcotics, hitmen-for-hire and...

Phising Attack Exposes Snapchat Credentials of Over 50,000 Users

According to a recent report from The Verge, a phishing attack exposed the Snapchat credentials of 55,851 accounts late last July. The report reveals...

Massive $50 Million Bitcoin Phishing Scam Uncovered by Cisco

Cryptocurrency theft is becoming a serious problem worldwide as the industry continues to grapple with issues of integrity, stability and regulation, even as the...