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Facebook Acquires and Merges Giphy with Instagram

Facebook Acquires GIF Sharing Platform Giphy for Around $400 Million

Social media giant Facebook has today acquired one of the most popular GIF creation and sharing websites - Giphy, which will now be a...

‘Giphy Arcade’ Will Let Anyone Develop Mini Games, Even Without Coding Knowhow

Popular GIF hosting site, Giphy, has debuted a gaming platform designed for people to play, create and share mini web games in they same...

GIPHY Updates Its iOS App to Add ‘Sticker Maker’ and Keyboard Extension

Like it or not, GIFs are now an essential part of digital communication. You can now send GIF images on almost all the messaging...

You Can Now Send GIFs From Giphy in Instagram Direct

Instagram has rolled out a new feature which allows users to share GIFs from Giphy in Instagram Direct conversations. Giphy is one of the...

Giphy ‘Stories’ Showcases Curated GIFs Around Trending Topics on Homepage

Unless you've been living under a rock over the past year, you already know that 'Stories' has become a must-have feature for various apps...

Snapchat and Instagram Remove Giphy Integration Due to Racist Clip

Snapchat and Instagram recently signed deals with Giphy to bring easy GIF integration to their apps, with Instagram adding new features as recently as...