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38 Best Alexa Skills for Your Amazon Echo

Alexa, along with Amazon Echo, set the precedent for speakers powered by smart assistants. Soon after its launch, Amazon’s biggest competitors in the tech...

When in Rome Is the First Board Game for Amazon Alexa

Back in the day, playing games would often refer to board games in general. However, with the modern-day technology, a lot of people have...
Amazon Alexa

You Can Now Create Your Own Alexa Skills Using Alexa Blueprints

Amazon recently announced a new feature called 'Alexa Blueprints' which will allow Alexa owners to create their own Alexa skills and responses without requiring...
Best Echo Dot Accessories

Amazon Alexa Will Soon Be Able to Control Microwaves

"Alexa, defrost three pounds of chicken!" Yes, if you own a smart microwave, you might soon be able to use such commands and get the...