Starfield: Fix Blast Zone Bug and Complete Mission

Starfield features numerous missions and side quests for players to explore and accomplish, and Blast Zone in Akila City is one such quest. Remember how you begin your journey in-game as a miner? Well, this mission once again throws you back into that experience. However, multiple users have reported this mission can be buggy in classic Bethesda game fashion. So, in this article, we share the method to fix the bug and finish the Blast Zone quest in Starfield.

How to Start the Blast Zone Quest in Starfield

Given how Starfield wants you to be immersed in the in-game universe, missions like Blast Zone help send that message. Not only does it pull you out of your turbulent space-faring journey, but it also lets you take a breather and mine peacefully. To get started with one of the most grounded (get it?) questlines, follow the steps below.

  • Land at the Akila City. It is located inside the Cheyenne star system.
  • Once at Akila City, there are two ways to get this mission. The first one is by overhearing NPC conversations and locating the person (Ngodup) who assigned us this quest. However, in our case, we located the person while randomly roaming the streets.
  • Once you enter Akila City, head straight to the Freestar Ranger office. Take the left and then the first right.
Path to The Blast Zone Questline in Starfield
  • Head straight from here onward, and you will find the person we are looking for.
Meet Ngodump our quest giver
  • Go ahead and talk with Ngodup. He is a real estate agent who sells properties in Akila. He will offer you to sell one. Promptly decline the offer.
Ngodup the real estate agent who provides the Blast Zone quest in Starfield
  • When you do that, Ngodup requests you clear up some natural minerals in the lower sections of Akila City so that they can build low-cost housing for people. Fortunately, you are an ex-Argos Miner and are perfect for this job!
Im somewhat of a miner myself
I am somewhat of a miner myself
  • Follow the markers to the bottom of the city and clear out the formations.
Mine the rocks to finish the Blast Zone questline in Starfield
  • Return to Ngodup once you are done with your task to receive your reward of 3,000 credits and 50XP.

Fix the Blast Zone Mission Bug in Starfield

Multiple users have reported that there is a chance of this questline getting bugged out. In some cases, the terrain we have to mine doesn’t appear. In other cases, the Laser Cutter doesn’t destroy the required terrain. While Bethesda hasn’t fixed this bug through any of the recent hotfixes, the community has found a workaround to fix this bug and complete the mission.

All you have to do is fly over to the Venus planet in the solar system. Then, take a nap for around ten hours in-game. Once done, return to Akila City, and you should be able to progress the quest as intended. If everything goes properly, you should be able to finish and get your Blast Zone mission rewards.

Blast Zone paints a subtle picture of the economic divide between people in Akila City. While most people have a place to stay and afford housing, many still cannot. Therefore, some people in Akila City are trying to change that. Did you find any particular side quest that you enjoyed? Any quest you are stuck on and need help with? Let us know in the comments below. Alternatively, if you want to learn about some of the best planets in Starfield to build your outpost, then consider reading our linked article.

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