Spotify Now Curates the Perfect Playlist for Your Pets

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Spotify is recently experimenting with new ways of curating personalized playlists. We recently saw the Swedish audio streaming giant offer “Soundtrack Your Ride“, a personalized playlist generated for your road trips and now, the company offers a new tool for generating playlists for your pets.

Dubbed Pet Playlists, the feature will compile 30 songs based on your listening habits and your answers to a few questions regarding your pet‘s nature. These questions mainly determine the mood of songs.

Firstly, you will be asked to choose your pet. Cat, Dog, Bird, Iguana, and Hamster are the available options. The next steps involve specifying if your pet is usually relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly, followed by choosing if your pet is apathetic or curious.

For instance, I chose cat as the pet and chose “relaxed, friendly, curious” as its traits. Once the playlist got generated, I noticed that the songs were almost matching the mood  I specified for the pet.

In the final step, Spotify will ask the name of your pet. If you’re interested, you can upload your pet’s picture. Wait a couple of seconds for the algorithm to do its thing and you’ll be presented with a new playlist your pets probably won’t stop listening to.

To come up with this feature, Spotify surveyed about 5,000 pet owners from the US, UK, Australia, Spain, and Italy. They found that 71% of pet owners have played music for their pets and 8 in 10 pet owners believe their pets like music. The survey results even indicate that 53% of pet owners would rather pick their pet over their partner if they really had to choose. That’s so pawsome (read awesome), right?

Check out Pet Playlists here and let us know your opinions towards the feature in the comments.

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