How to Get Your Spotify DNA Chart

In Short
  • Spotify DNA provides a unique visualization of your top artists and songs in a DNA-style strand.
  • Users can customize their DNA chart by changing the theme, selecting a different playlist, or hiding details.
  • To create one, you need to visit their website, connect your Spotify account, and hit Agree to allow the service to see your Spotify stats.

Looking back at your Spotify listening habits is a fun way to learn how your music taste has evolved. The folks at n-gen have come up with a new way to explore your Spotify stats with their DNA chart. This shows your top artists, songs, and listening traits in a DNA style strand. If this sounds exciting to you, then keep reading as we show you how you can get your own Spotify DNA strand, customize it, and see your DNA stats.

How to Create Your Spotify DNA

To get your Spotify DNA, you will need to connect your account with n-gen which will fetch all your listening data, and use it to create the DNA chart. We will walk you through the step-by-step process to create one in this guide. So let’s take a look.

  1. Visit ngenart (website) on a web browser and tap on Connect with Spotify.
  2. Log in using your Spotify credentials and tap on Agree to allow the website to connect to your Spotify account.
  3. When your account is connected, it will take you back to the n-gen website. This is where your DNA strand will be created.
Create Spotify DNA Strand Chart

In the chart, you can see your song rarity score and a list of your top artists. You can tap on the share button to share the DNA card with your friends on Instagram and other platforms.

Customize Your Spotify DNA Chart

Now that we have shown you can create your DNA chart, let’s look at how to customize it. Thankfully, n-gen gives you multiple options to change the theme, choose a different playlist, or hide your details from the chart. Here is how you can do all that.

  1. To change the playlist, scroll down to Create With Your Listening Habits or Create With Your Favorite Playlists. Tap on your preferred option, and it will create the DNA strand based on it.
  2. You can change the theme and style of the chart by scrolling down, and picking any of the 12 different themes under “Customize Your Output”. In this instance, I chose Fire.
  3. Under Customize Your Output, you can also turn off the Show Username and Show Details toggles, if you want to keep your account details anonymous.
Customize Your Spotify DNA Strand

See Your Spotify DNA Strand Stats

Now if you want to learn how your DNA strand was created, then you can scroll down to “Your Playlist’s n-genetics” to take a look at the stats.

The folks at “n-gen” pull different traits from each song and create your DNA artwork based on that. You can tap on View Stats Info to learn about each trait and what it means.

View Spotify DNA Stats

That wraps it up! I have to say that n-gen is doing pretty amazing work when it comes to summarizing your Spotify stats in a cool fashion. We have previously covered n-gen’s Spotify artwork, which is similar to DNA, but can create some amazing design and arts based on your listening trend on Spotify. If you are looking for a more quirky way to share your top songs and artists, then we recommend that you try Recieptify, which we have also covered in detail.

If you have any doubts related to this article, then reach out to us from the comments section.

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