Spotify Premium Family Plan: How Much Does It Cost?

In Short
  • Spotify Family Plan allows up to six people to enjoy Premium and its perks.
  • The family plan requires other members of your family to add the same home address to be part of the subscription.
  • You could also share the Family plan with your friends and split the expense, which would bring the price per individual down to $3.33 a month.

If you’re planning to get Spotify Premium, the platform has a handful of plans to choose from. One of them is the Family Plan, where you can spend a bit more than the individual plan and get Spotify running on multiple phones. A family plan can save you a lot of money, so here’s how a Spotify Family Plan works, what it offers, and how much it costs.

What is Spotify Premium Family Plan?

Spotify Family Plan is one of the subscriptions available inside Spotify’s Premium tier. It allows up to six separate individual accounts living at the same address access to Spotify Premium’s perks.

Premium Family

It’s great value for money at around 40% extra cost than the individual plan. Some of these perks include Offline music, Ad-free music, Spotify Jam, unlimited skips, and Parental controls to filter out music for other accounts.

Spotify Family Plan is a great way to share Premium among friends, even if they don’t live at the same address. Spotify asks and verifies the address when users click on the invitation, and doesn’t track their location.

The plan also gives you access to another app called Spotify Kids, which is for children and allows you to filter out explicit music.

How Much Does This Premium Plan Cost?

The Spotify Family Plan costs $19.99/month and can accommodate a total of six people, a whopping $8 less compared to the individual plan.

Hence, if you have family members or friends who’d like to subscribe to Premium, Spotify’s Family Plan is the way to go as it essentially brings the price down to $3.33/month per individual! You can check the features and costs of other plans in our dedicated Spotify Premium Plans post.

How to Upgrade to Spotify Family Plan

Those who don’t have an active subscription can choose this plan when subscribing to Spotify Premium. However, if you’re already on Spotify Premium, you can upgrade to Spotify Family Plan using the phone or desktop app.

Do keep in mind that you’ll have to pay the full amount for the plan. Spotify won’t refund the cost of your existing subscription. The same goes for if you’re subscribed to the Annual Premium Individual plan. Here’s how to upgrade:


  1. Go to Spotify’s Family Plan page and click on Get started.
Spotify Premium Family Plan Get Started
  1. Sign in to your Spotify account if you haven’t already.
  2. Enter your address and payment details, and confirm payment.
Spotify Premium Family Plan Checkout

On Phone

  1. Launch Spotify on your phone and tap your profile photo at the top left.
  2. Go to Settings and privacy > Account.
Account settings
  1. Tap on See available plans and then select Spotify Premium Family.
  2. Spotify will take you to a separate page where you need to tap Manage your subscription.
Plan details
  1. After that, tap on Subscribe. Now, you’ll be taken to all the available plans list.
  2. Here, scroll down to the “Family” section and select Get Premium Family and on the next page enter your payment details.
  3. Once done, tap on the Buy now button at the bottom to subscribe to Spotify Premium Family.
Buy premium

Once you’re subscribed to the plan, you can go to your account page > Manage members > Add or remove members. The user you invited needs to sign in to their account and confirm their full address.

What are your thoughts on Spotify Family Plan and Spotify as a music streaming platform in general? Let us know in the comments.

Does everyone need to be at the same address to be a part of the Spotify Family Plan?

While Spotify says that all participants should reside under one roof, the platform doesn’t track your location. Hence, you could invite your distant friends, but they’d need to enter the same address as the plan manager’s while accepting the invite.

Can I join Spotify Family if I already have Premium?

Yes, you can join the Family plan if you already have a Premium account. All your playlists and likes won’t go anywhere.

How does Spotify know if you live together?

It doesn’t. Spotify doesn’t track your location, meaning as long as the people you’ve invited enter the same address as you entered when subscribing to Family, they can be a part of the plan.

Is Spotify Family better than Spotify Individual?

While there’s no difference between the two plans feature-wise, the 6-member provides incredible value for money if you can split between multiple people. Having six people on the plan could effectively bring the cost per head down to $3.33/month, compared to $12/month for Premium Individual.

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