Sony PS5 to Get a Discount in India; Check out the Details!

Sony sold over 4.5 million PS5 units

If you’ve been waiting to buy a PlayStation 5, we have some great news for you! Sony is expected to reduce the price of PS5 in India. his news is definitely going to make gamers who want to buy a PS5 very happy. Have a look at the details below.

PS5 In India Discount Details

Industry insider Rishi Alwani has recently made a post on Twitter where he shared details of the upcoming PS5 sale event. It is said to begin on August 24 and the discount will be available until September 22. Overall, the sale will last for 10 days and if you were planning on buying the PS5, this is definitely a sweet time to consider purchasing one.

The price of PS5 in India during this sale will be Rs 47,490. This will be the price of the Disc edition variant of the PlayStation 5 console during sales, and if you were wondering about the PS5 Digital Edition, it will not be discounted during this sale period as per the insider. This is disappointing, and will probably upset the people who wanted a purely digital console.

When comparing the PS5’s market price of Rs 54,990 (Disc edition) to the sale price, interested buyers will effectively be saving Rs 7,500, which is a 15% discount. The stores which are part of the promotion include Amazon India, Games The Shop, Flipkart, Shop at Sony Center, Reliance Digital, Croma, Vijay Sales, and other select retailers.

The insider also mentioned that Sony is pushing to reach higher sales targets globally and hence, the discounts. And if you are planning to make the purchase, you can also check out the 20 best PlayStation 5 games to add some to your cart as well while buying the gaming console in India at these deal prices. Also, if you already own the console and were wondering when you can upgrade, read our dedicated article covering everything we know so far about Sony’s rumored PS5 Pro.

What do you think about the upcoming PlayStation 5 sale in India? Will you be purchasing the console soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Kk says:

    Same PS5 is available for 36K in UAE.
    Indians will keep paying more for same product available cheaper in other countries despite having much less salary than them. 😂😂

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