Your PS5 Can Soon Record Community Game Help Clips to Assist Other Stuck Gamers

In Short
  • Sony has announced a new 'Community Game Help' feature for the PS5 that creates raw gameplay footage whenever a player completes an activity in a supported game.
  • Players can opt into the feature by selecting the participate button from Captures & Broadcasts > Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help.
  • Sony promises the feature will come later this year with more supported games.

Gamers getting lost while trying to find that hidden trophy or hint is nothing new. Thankfully, Sony recognizes this and is launching a new feature for all PS5 gamers. Aptly called ‘Community Game Help,’ the new feature will create an automatic clip in your PS5 that will help the developers create helpful hint videos.

Sabrina Meditz, Senior Director of Product Management for the PS5 platform experience, announced this opt-in service in a PS Blog. This service will automatically let PS5 create a clip of a supported game whenever you complete certain activities.

Meditz further explains talking about what happens after a player completes an activity, saying:

Then, it will be reviewed by a moderator, and if approved, your video will be published as a Game Help hint for PlayStation players to watch, learn from, and rate

The feature is also available on the PlayStation App for mobile. So you can access the hints on mobile devices. Using this on mobile will save space on your PlayStation game screen. Furthermore, you will notice Community Game Help beside hints inside.

Image Courtesy: Sony PlayStation

Community Game Help Contribution

The upcoming Community Game Help will be an opt-in feature. Players can also leave the program whenever they want. The feature is available under the Captures & Broadcasts option. To opt in, go to Captures > Auto Captures > Community Game Help. Once you do, your PS5 will automatically capture clips after any activity you complete in supported games.

You can also limit the number of game clips captured from the settings every month. The Community Game Help hints will arrive on PlayStation later this year. PlayStation promises this feature will support more titles as time passes. Keep in mind the game footage will only be shared. So, any other audio from the mic or headsets won’t be captured for added privacy.

The PS5 Community Game Help hints can be a great feature. What do you think about it? Will it also be in the rumored PS5 Pro? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE PlayStation Blog
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