What Is Snapchat Dreams and How You Can Use It

In Short
  • Snapchat Dreams is a new feature that allows you to create fantastic AI portraits of yourself in different scenarios.
  • Added to Snapchat Plus, Dreams is located in the Memories section and asks you to upload multiple selfies to create AI images.
  • Snapchat Plus users get eight free Dreams generations every month, while free users need to spend to use this feature.

Snapchat Dreams is a cool new generative AI feature that lets you create incredible images from your selfie portraits. Available under the Snapchat Plus subscription, the Dreams feature is similar to Snapchat’s signature AR effects, named lenses. But instead of real-time camera-based effects, the Dreams feature utilizes AI to remix the user’s selfies into “fantastical pictures that transform their persona into new identities.” Keep reading to learn everything about Snapchat Dreams and how to use it to create AI portraits.

Snapchat Dreams: Generate AI Selfies

A brand new feature in Snapchat’s generative AI suit, Dreams uses AI-powered image generation to create AI portraits of you in different settings and backgrounds.

While other AI image generators create images by using text prompts, Snapchat Dreams asks you to submit multiple selfies from different angles, and it then creates eight AI-generated portraits of you in various scenarios around a chosen theme, such as Alternate Universes or Time Travel.

By default, the feature came with only eight different packs a user could choose from, but at the time of writing, the holiday season had just gone by, so Snapchat added a few Christmas-themed Dreams packs you could choose from.

While the first eight Dreams photo generations are free, you will need to pay a nominal cost of $1 to unlock another eight dreams as an in-app purchase. However, you will get 8 free Dreams every month if you are a Snapchat+ user. Also, a few Dreams packs can feature you and your friend who has opted for it.

Note: When the feature was first introduced, even non-Snapchat Plus members could create eight free dreams, but the free option is no longer available to everyone.

How to Create Snapchat Dreams

Now that you know what Snapchat Dreams are, it is time for you to learn how to create them. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Open the Snapchat app and swipe up on the camera screen to access the Memories section.
  • Swipe right to the Dreams tab and tap the yellow “Create Dreams button at the bottom.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and look into your front-facing camera so Snapchat can capture every detail of your face.
  • Once done, tap the Done or tap the Add more photos button if you are not satisfied with the photos you took in the previous step.
  • Select your gender – male or female – when asked.
  • Next, tap the Yes button to agree to all the terms and conditions.
  • Now, tap the yellow New Pack button at the bottom, then browse through all the available Dreams packs and choose the one you like the most.
  • Tap the Unlock 8 more button at the bottom and wait while Snapchat generates your Dreams (AI selfies) with different outfits. You can exit or minimize Snapchat in the meantime, as the app will send you a notification once the process is complete.

Note: While Snapchat says it takes about 20-30 minutes for your first Dreams pack to generate, the waiting time varied a lot in our testing. One time, the dreams were generated in less than 10 minutes; the other time, it took almost a day.

How to View Snapchat Dreams Photos

  • Once your Dreams pack is generated, Snapchat will send you a notification.
  • Tap the notification to open the Snapchat app, then tap the yellow View My Dreams button at the bottom.
  • Here, swipe right to view all the AI-powered portraits generated by the feature.
  • Tap the Add to Story or Send button to share your Dreams with your Snapchat friends and followers.
  • Alternatively, you can also head over to the Memories section of the Snapchat app to see all your Dreams AI photos in a gallery view.

Beebom’s Take on Snapchat Dreams

At first, I found the idea of creating AI-generated images using your selfies intriguing, as it allowed for more personalization and fun interactions on Snapchat. However, the images (Dreams) usually take a considerable amount of time to generate, and these AI-generated images appear cartoonish and not realistic at all.

These AI-generated images look just plain bad and not worth it at all. While some images elongated my face and distorted my fingers, other times I had an odd-looking smile or other irregularities that made me not want to open my Memories section.

As a Snapchat Plus user, the Dreams feature does not fully meet my expectations, especially if I have to pay extra for additional Dreams packs. Though the free monthly pack serves as a good trial, sinking money for extra Dreams packs is a strict NO NO as the quality of the generated AI images is not good enough, and the process is time-consuming as well.

And that’s it. This is pretty much all you need to know about Snapchat Dreams. To be fair, these can not be considered the best generative AI image generations we’ve seen so far, but yes, they make for an interesting and good laugh. Do try it out for the fun factor; that’s all I will say.

How do I find dreams on Snapchat?

Head over to the Memories section of your Snapchat app and swipe right to access Dreams on Snapchat. The steps remain the same for both iOS and Android.

Who can see my dreams on Snapchat?

Like your Snapchat memories, dreams are private to you; no one other than you can see your dreams.

How do you get more dreams on Snapchat?

You need to pay a nominal cost of $1 to get more dreams with an in-app purchase. Snapchat Plus users get eight dreams for free every month.

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