Snapchat Is Going to Let You Make Bitmoji Pets with AI, But Why?

snapchat AI Bitmoji pets
In Short
  • Snapchat seems to be testing a new AI Bitmoji Pets feature with Snapchat+ members.
  • This feature will allow users to create realistic or imaginary Bitmoji pets using the power of AI.
  • These pets will stand right next to your Bitmoji on the Snap Map whenever a friend checks your location

I applaud Snapchat for introducing AI-powered features via the Snapchat+ subscription in its app. However, I believe they need to stop taking suggestions from ChatGPT on how to implement them. From the My AI chatbot last year to the lackluster Extend Snap feature, which we tried out recently, Snapchat can’t seem to put the capabilities of generative AI to good use. And the same seems to be the case with the AI Bitmoji pets feature that is reportedly rolling out to some users.

According to screenshots uploaded on X (previously Twitter) by user Jonah Manzano, Snapchat is planning to introduce an AI-powered Bitmoji pets feature to Snapchat+ subscribers as part of their early access to exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features.

As described by Snapchat, this feature allows users to “create realistic or imaginary Bitmoji pets” that will appear next to their avatars. How do you create them? Well, using AI. Once you set it up, whenever your friend looks you up on the Snap Map, they will see your “AI pet” right next to your Bitmoji.

In an update, the X user clarified that the feature lets you take a photo of your real-life pet or choose their image from your Gallery. Based on that, the AI can then generate an identical avatar of them.

I believe this is what the description meant when it said, “Use AI to create real or imaginary pets.” I am still unclear about the imaginary part, but it looks like Snapchat will offer you a collection of pre-generated AI pets, which you can then customize to your liking, just like your Bitmoji.

The feature seems to be rolling out to a limited set of users as of now. We checked for its availability with two different Snapchat+ users (one Android and one iOS) at the Beebom office, but we did not have access to it just yet. However, it should make its way to other Snapchat+ users soon.

I know, you must be asking yourself, “Why does one need it? Who asked for this?” Honestly, even I have no clue. Maybe some users would want their real-life pets to appear right next to them on their Snapchat profile. Besides that, I don’t see much reason why.

What are your thoughts on this new Bitmoji AI Pets feature? Are you looking forward to making an AI avatar of your pet when the feature drops? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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