Bionic Bird Is a Lightweight Drone That Can Be Controlled from Your Smartphone

bionic bird smartphone drone

Have you ever wanted a cool-looking drone that is compact enough to fit inside your backpack? Check out Bionic Bird, a drone that is designed to look like a bird. Does the drone look familiar? Well, it is because the Bionic Bird is the same drone shown off in Indian Hindi-language military action film Uri: The Surgical Strike. While the initial impressions might seem like it comes straight out of a war movie, it has some cool features that you should not miss out on.

Firstly, the drone has an inbuilt HD camera with a range of 100 meters. It supports audio recording, video recording, and even live-streaming the visuals right to your smartphone. The drone comes with Bluetooth connectivity and it can be operated with a smartphone running Android or iOS.

Bionic Bird is light and weighs just 10 grams. The lightweight is achieved by using carbon fiber wings and tails. Thanks to the low weight, the drone can fly at speeds up to 20 km per hour.

In terms of power, it does not come with any fancy features like solar cells. Instead, it packs chargeable batteries capable of fueling the drone for an hour. Well, 1 hour of backup is quite decent for a lightweight drone as it matches the backup offered by other international drone offerings.

The starter kit box contains the ready to fly drone, an egg-shaped charger, and a USB cable to charge the drone. If you’re interested to buy Bionic Bird, check out the link below. The product is currently unavailable right now but we hope it to be available soon.

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