This Online Simulator Lets You Nuke Any Place on Earth to Educate You About Nuclear Weapons

For the most part, when governments talk about Nuclear Weapons, they showcase them as something that’s ‘important’ and ‘necessary’ for national security, and when we, as civilians, see footage of these bombs, we are mostly shown a mushroom cloud of smoke and debris as we look at it in awe, not realising the sheer destructive power of something like that. For the most part.

The people over at Outrider organization, however, want to change all that. Outrider organization has created an online simulator that simulates the effects of a nuclear explosion anywhere in the world.

Instead of making nuclear bombs cool, Outrider is trying to educate people about the real-world effects of a nuclear strike. The simulator lets you choose a location, and then shows the size of the nuclear fireball, the area that’ll be engulfed in nuclear radiation, and the area that will endure the nuclear shockwave from the blast, along with the total casualties and the number of injuries expected from a blast like that.

This Online Simulator Lets You Nuke Any Place on Earth to Educate You About Nuclear Weapons

The simulator also lets you check the difference in casualties, injuries, and the affected area between a surface explosion, and an air-blast.

I tried the simulator out, and it really does manage to bring the horror of a nuclear strike to your mind. In New Delhi, the simulator showed casualties ranging from 450,306 from a ground blast to 850,125 from a surface blast, with a total area of 62.27 square miles getting affected by the W-87 class bomb.

The simulator shows a link at the bottom that reads “Learn What You Can Do About Nukes”, in an effort to educate people about the effects of Nuclear weapons, the nuclear disarmament movement, and the various ways in which people can contribute, and join the movement to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

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