Should You Pull Jade In Honkai Star Rail 2.3

In Short
  • Jade is a good choice if you are an Argenti main or have invested in other Erudition characters.
  • She acts more as a support to other Erudition characters, and both Argenti and Jing Yuan does more damage compared to her as hyper carry.
  • Jade is only viable in specific teams, and she needs her E1 and signature Light Cone to be a good hyper carry option.

Honkai Star Rail is currently in the second phase of version 2.3 featuring Jade and Argenti in the banners. Jade is a special character, with her kit useful in specific teams only. Erudition characters are considered the weakest DPS units in the game, so many players are likely wondering whether they should pull for Jade or not. If you are unsure of whether to pull for Jade or not in Honkai Star Rail, here is a complete analysis of her pros and cons.

Honkai Star Rail Jade Kit

Jade is a mix of support and sub-DPS and to get the best out of her, you need other Erudition characters in the team. She specializes in defeating multiple target opponents, and her main damage output is based on her Follow-up attacks. Check out our best Jade build to build her to maximum potential.

Jade’s Skill gives the Debt Collector state to an ally, which increases their speed by 30. Anytime the Debt Collector attacks, Jade gets charges equal to the number of enemies hit.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Honkai Star Rail

When she has 8 charges, Jade consumes all of them and does her Talent Follow-up attack. Additionally, whenever the Debt Collector hits an enemy, every enemy hit gets one instance of Quantum damage from Jade, in exchange for 2% of the Debt Collector’s Max HP.

This means that Jade’s skill is best used on an ally who can do AoE attacks consistently to get the best out of her kit. Other than that, whenever Jade does her Follow-up attack, she gets 5 stacks of Pawned Assets, which increases her Crit Damage by 2.4% for each stack, with a limit of 50 times.

Jade vs Other Erudition Characters in Honkai Star Rail

Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by Sanmay Chakrabarti)

Jade is a hard character when it comes to comparisons. She is more of a support-type character, but comparing her with other support characters doesn’t work as she’s only good as a support for another Erudition character. The only comparison she can technically have is against other Erudition characters. So, here is how Jade compares against the top Erudition characters in the game:

  • Jade vs Argenti: Argenti is way stronger than Jade in terms of damage output. Jade doesn’t even come close to Argenti when it comes to solo damage output, however, she is the best pair Argenti can have to maximize both of their kits.
  • Jade vs Jing Yuan: Jade is closer in terms of damage output to Jing Yuan, but Jing Yuan likely still comes out on top. However, Jade is a much better character in an Erudition team than Jing Yuan.
  • Jade vs Himeko: Jade is stronger than Himeko, both in terms of damage output and usability. However, Himeko is also a good pair for Jade.

Best Team Synergies for Jade

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Honkai Star Rail

Pulling a character should always depend on the team synergies you have available in your arsenal, and it is much more relevant for special characters like Jade. She is only good alongside Erudition characters, or other consistent AoE characters like Pela. Jade is best alongside Argenti, as she can both double his and her own damage output, especially by enabling him to take more turns per cycle.

Similarly, characters like Himeko, Herta, and Qingque are also good with Jade. But if you haven’t got those characters or are invested in them, then Jade should not be your main pick.

Does Jade Need Her Signature Light Cone

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Honkai Star Rail

Jade needs her Light Cone if you want to play her as a Hyper Carry. Her Light Cone, Yet Hope is Priceless, is a very strong Light Cone, and it amplifies her Follow-up attack damage by 48% at max stack, while also increasing her Crit Rate by 20% and allowing her to ignore enemy defenses with Ultimate or Follow-up attacks after using a Basic attack.

However, if you are planning to play Jade more as a support to another Erudition character, then you don’t her signature Light Cone, as there are other good 4-star options.

Should You Pull for Jade in Honkai Star Rail?

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Honkai Star Rail

Now that you have taken a look at everything Jade provides, let’s boil everything down to her strengths and weaknesses.

Jade’s Strength:

  • Great support for Erudition DPS units.
  • Good multi-target damage output.
  • Basic attack does blast damage, making her Skill point positive.

Jade’s Weaknesses:

  • Cannot be a good Hypercarry without her Signature Light Cone and E1.
  • Erudition characters are considered the weakest in the game.
  • Only useful in specific cases.

Overall, I would recommend you skip on Jade, unless you have a fully invested Argenti in your roster. The only time she is worth getting is if you either lack a good character for Pure Fiction or if you have invested in Erudition characters.

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