15 Best Scary Roblox Horror Games in 2024

Among the plethora of games out there, Roblox has quickly become one of the best community-backed gaming platforms. Allowing custom game creations, Roblox has a variety of games that dive into different sorts of genres, including shooters, roleplaying, and more. Today, our focus is on the scariest Roblox horror games that will leave you shivering. So, if you are a gamer looking for the best scary games on Roblox in 2024, we have compiled the perfect list for you.

1. Dead Silence

scary game Roblox Dead Silence
Image Courtesy: @DoomX10/ Roblox

Long considered to be one of the scariest Roblox games, Dead Silence is a creepy and breathtaking horror game experience. Based on the horror film of the same name, Dead Silence puts you in the shoes of an investigator. Your job is to investigate the disappearance of Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who supposedly haunts the local town. 

Packing a level design that will make you wary of every corner, topped with eerie creaking sounds and whispered hushes, this creepily scary Roblox game will ensure you leave the lights on when you go to sleep.

2. Griefville: Survive the Nightmare

Image Courtesy: RocketRide Games/ Roblox

Griefville is about a Roblox horror experience that puts everything in one place. In this game, you get to witness the madness of all types of scary monsters. Luckily, you can have your friends beside you on this scary adventure. The game gets constant content updates, so you will never run out of new horrors.

Recently Chucky also entered the town of horrors as the creators also promised more iconic horror characters to join the experience in the near future. So, if you want to be a part of the city of Scares, join Griefville.

3. The Apartment

Image Courtesy: TubPong Classic/ Roblox

You will be surprised to know that one of the best Roblox horror games doesn’t rely on jumpscares. And for good reason, since the apartment focuses more on creating an eerily unsettling atmosphere to scare gamers. As the player, you are a friend coming to help a fellow bud out.

Left with only a note telling you to head up to Apartment 705, it is your job to make it up there while wading through the creepy floors. One of the best things about this scary Roblox game is the atmosphere, which will constantly have you on your toes and checking every corner. While we won’t spoil the story for you, rest assured it is something interesting. Check it out and let us know what you think.

4. Alone in a Dark House

Image Courtesy: @umamidayo/ Roblox

Another exploration-based horror game for Roblox, Alone in a Dark House, combines story elements and walking mechanics with a lot of scares. Set in August 1996, the game makes you a private investigator who travels to a small town. Your focus is a brutal vehicle murder, and your journey will take you to a big house that contains a multitude of secrets.

While you may think the empty place contains nothing but furniture, secret passageways filled with dark secrets await you. You must solve a variety of puzzles and, ultimately, the bigger mystery itself. Oh, and you’re not alone in that house. Good luck!

5. Light Bulb: Reillumination

Image Courtesy: @PuffoThePufferfish/ Roblox

Light Bulb was an intense psychological thriller with a top-down perspective. After the original got some bugs due to client updates, the remake or reillumination was made. Although the original won the award for best single-player game of 2016 for its horror element, the remake does not miss out on them at all.

In this game, you must escape the maze before getting caught. The game is inspired by the Lights Out movie and will give you the scariest experience when you are in darkness. So, stay close to the light and do not wander around.

6. Specter

Image Courtesy: Lithium Labs/ Roblox

Those who have played ghosting hunting games, including Phasmophobia, will be home in Specter. This Roblox horror game is based on becoming a ghost hunter. Played solo or with friends, you start in a van and outside your chosen location. This can range from abandoned forests to luxury homes. Armed with a limited quantity of items you must prioritize, you must venture inside the location and look for the ghost. Like its AAA counterpart, Specter gives its ghosts names and is not afraid to scare you.

As the player walks through the map, lights go out, doors creak, and the occasional laughter makes it even more terrifying. So, for the ones who aren’t afraid to brave through the paranormal, check out Specter, one of the best scary Roblox games. And if you want even more variety, check out its successor, Specter 2, on Roblox.

7. The Mimic

Image Courtesy: CTStudio/ Roblox

The Mimic is one of the most terrifying horror Roblox games we have encountered. Featuring either single-player or multiplayer, the game is a horror adventure with different chapters. It has been created from four different stories of Japanese history and urban legends with a twist. 

Disguised as four different books, each chapter will take you and your friends to mysterious worlds chock full of extremely scary level designs, loud noises that come out of nowhere, and a lot of jumpscares. While you can play this Roblox horror game alone, we recommend taking a pal along if you don’t want to suffer. Check it out if you want to try one of the most fulfilling Roblox scary games.

8. The Intruder

Image Courtesy: @Official_Bulderme/ Roblox

Inspired by The Mandela Catalogue and Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Intruder is all about psychological horror experiences. In this game, you will find a lack of jumpscares but the tension builds with every sequence, your heartbeat going fast is a guarantee.

The goal is simple: to survive till your phone’s network is back. But sadly, a criminal on the loose is in your house, hunting you down. So, can you hide from him and turn off the lights to avoid him at the right time? Try it for yourself now in The Intruder.

9. Grandma

Image Courtesy: Astra’s Army/ Roblox

While recent, Grandma is one of those scary Roblox games that are extremely popular and even more terrifying. The game doesn’t give you too much backstory or hints; instead, it drops you inside Granmda’s mansion. As the player, you are tasked with exploring her home, examining her surroundings, and finding out where she’s gone.

However, the illusion of a normal home is soon shattered as you realize everything from the paintings to the carpet is streaked with a dark side. While you only get a candle at the start, your inventory is adaptable and changes depending on your requirements. Go through Grandma’s house and let us know if you find her in this Roblox horror experience.

10. Apeirophobia

Image Courtesy: Polaroid Studios/ Roblox

The word Apeirophobia itself stands for a phobia of infinity, and I find the game aptly named for the same. The game is built around exploration and going through the process of finding a way out. Besides its name, another distinct thing that is going for this scary Roblox game is the movement mechanism. While Roblox characters typically walk in the same fashion, the main character has a more human run to him.

This makes Apeirophobia all the more relatable as you run down the infinite hallways while managing your stamina. As with some other horror Roblox games, malicious entities are watching and chasing you from every corner. The only way out is through; that will only happen by solving puzzles, hiding, and running when the time is right.

11. Survive the Killer!

Image Courtesy: Slyce Entertainment/ Roblox

If you’ve played games like Friday the 13th, you already know what Survive the Killer is about. This popular Roblox horror game allows players to become either survivors or killers. As a Survivor, you must run and hide from the killer who is out to get you and your friends. You can either hide alone or party up with friends and escape together.

The Killer must eliminate as many players as possible before the victims escape or the time runs out. Survive the Killer was one of the most played Robox horror Games in 2023, Which is a scary yet exciting adventure you and your friends can take for fun. Check it out.

12. Identity Fraud

Image Courtesy: Team M0THERB0ARD/ Roblox

Identity fraud is a Roblox horror game that gives out little to no information. All you know is that the game begins with a conversion between a seemingly mentally ill person and their doctor. However, the former is convinced that the doctor, along with everyone else, is out to get him. Before more can be said, hell breaks loose, and with it, so does this patient.

What follows is a cat-and-mouse chase between the patient and the authorities. However, adding to that are mysterious entities that are chasing you down and trying to eliminate you. A riveting story combined with a creepy atmosphere and eerie sound effects makes Identity Fraud one of the best scary Roblox games.


Image Courtesy: LSPLASH/ Roblox

Instead of focusing on a single game, Doors itself is an interactive experience that dives into various scenarios. Doors is an ambitious mix of puzzle-solving mechanics along with survival horror. The players start out in a hotel lobby with elevators all around them. Each elevator leads to a different floor, i.e., a map with its own maze of design. The maps host various puzzles that you need to solve to escape.

However, Doors also plagues these maps with different creatures that each have their own abilities. Alone with these anomalies, you must figure out how exactly to avoid them if you want to make it out alive. However, don’t worry if you don’t end up making it. As Doors teaches players, each death has something to teach the players about the monsters. We have also compiled a list of DOORS codes, which you can use to get revives and boosts in the game.


Image Courtesy: @RVVZ/ Roblox

The Rake is a horror game in Roblox inspired by a creepypasta character of the same name. This massively played survival horror game puts you on a map with The Rake, a grey humanoid creepypasta character who is not friendly at all.

Based on several places and spreading across different modes, you must survive against the Rake while trying to maintain your sanity. This is one of the best Roblox scary games that you must try.

15. It Lurks

Image Courtesy: @terribleblox/ Roblox

You don’t need to go far into asylums to find yourself in horrific situations. It Lurks is a single-player Roblox horror game that begins at home. You see the map from the perspective of a child who has been told to go to bed. However, as soon as he does, he finds himself in a house abandoned by his parents and brother. However, he isn’t exactly alone.

As the only human in the house, you must explore it while running and hiding from an unknown entity chasing you down. The game has been divided into chapters that make the experience scarier the deeper you progress into the story. The game contains a good amount of jumpscares, so be sure you can handle them before you dive in.

That was our list of the top Roblox horror games. However, the platform also brings a plethora of Roblox games to play with friends, those you can enjoy in multiplayer mode. So, which game gave you the biggest jump scare? Drop your pick in the comments below!

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  • Coffee says:

    i reccomend The Intruder, it freaks me out

  • nunys says:


  • kazuma says:

    not scary huh

  • GabrielaKovac123 says:

    And also, I thought Geisha was very popular, today i saw only 163 players play it. And mabye if there was Spider cuz it includes enough blood,i mean only when the “eight-legged beast” (spider) is killing the survivor.

  • Pizza says:

    Let’s be honest
    The only real horror games are the mimic, it lurks, doors and maybe apeirophobia.
    The other roblox “horror” games are not scary at all (and yes, Dead silence isn’t scary tho bc it is basically just walking around and then getting jumpscared at the end by an cringe looking lego-human)I mean doors has good Jumpscares, Apeirophobia is a backrooms game, it lurks has a scary atmosphere and the mimic is just terrifying bc of the monsters.

    • GabrielaKovac123 says:

      And, breaking point. You just sit, guess and kill, boring game. And why isn’t here grandma? It includes enough blood, me as playing it, i almost fell of my chair.

  • scary-gamer says:

    Why isn’t bunnytale in here , bruh?
    Tell me, bunnytale is one of the most creepiest games i’ve ever seen,
    It should be the 12th scariest game.

    • Duckies says:

      Definitely, that one is so scary, idk why it’s not here.

  • WEWEQWQ says:


    • しかまら says:

      mimic is so scary

      • YM says:

        uhh no

  • YousproIV says:

    bruh it lurks > doors in term of horror

  • Aya Mayassi says:

    I have played MM2 It IS NOT SCARY AT ALL
    But I have am playing doors it should be like at top 5 IT IS SUPER SCARY and has a lot of jump scares in my opinion it is the best game cuz I love horror games BUT NOT THAT EXTREMELY SCARY like the MILD SCARY like doors and if I would recommend Doors in MY opinion

  • Collin says:

    I’ve played all and the top most scary on the list is probably asylum. Dead silence. Mimic and alone in the dark house

  • me2 says:

    bruhh, judy 3 is considered the sariest or one of the scariest games in roblox. Then there is no apeirophobia that is a backrooms horror game, and us are toys, the hunted staircase, kampong, frigid Dusk…

    • L. F. says:

      Apeirophobia scared the crap out of me when I played but mostly because I get sneaked up on by the monster.

  • Apollo says:

    Me and my friend played asylum
    And it scared the crap out of us
    (With headphones) we screamed so much

  • Morgan says:

    Mocker is the scariest Roblox game for sure

  • maddi says:

    MM2,Happy oofday, not so scary, mimic, dead silence and some others are scary

  • Saanvi says:

    Dead silence litarally scared me to death

  • Nonya says:

    I feel like Geisha, The mimic, and Alone in a dark house isn’t scary, but do have some jump scares and are fun to play.

    • Taylour says:

      Geisha isn’t really scary I played it before

    • Me says:

      What. The hell, the mimic is terrifying the monsters are campers but when you are walking and all of a sudden you get jumpscared? Geisha was kinda scary, she is kinda a camper too. But alone in a dark house? I’ve never played it cause my device would not let me 🤷

  • Kayote says:

    Ok, another good game is Blair, by Spooky Scary Games.

  • A average roblox player says:

    I know a actual scary game, It’s “The Darkness Beyond”, Where You and your friends are in a house, Yet something outside is trying to get you. The jumpscare is really fast and takes you by surprise.

  • UMM says:

    The Asylum n JUDY are the best tbh

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