Samsung Galaxy Watches To Gain These New Apps

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Just days before the official unveiling of the next-gen Galaxy Watch 6 series, Samsung has announced a plethora of new app support for the upcoming lineup as well as for the existing smartwatches with an aim to make the experience much better. Keep reading to know more about them.

New Apps for the Galaxy Watches

Samsung announced the availability of a new Samsung Wallet app, a Thermo Check app, and support for a new WhatsApp app for WearOS. This comes after WhatsApp just announced a new app for Wear OS 3.0 and the upcoming WearOS 4.0 watches.

To begin with, the new Thermo Check app will allow developers to take full advantage of the infrared technology used in Galaxy Watches for temperature measurement. This will be made possible via Samsung’s Privileged Health software development kit (SDK) coupled with its latest Skin Temperature API.

With this new tech, your Galaxy Watch will not only be able to measure your body temperature but will also be able to take in the temperature of your surroundings and various objects you interact with. And that too without needing to make any actual contact with the object. It can let you know the temperature of the meal you are about to have, the water you are about to drink, the chair you are about to sit on, and much more. This feature will first appear with Galaxy Watch 6 series with future rollout scheduled for Watch 5 and earlier models.

The upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 and both the Series 5, as well as the Series 4 smartwatches, will be able to reply to messages instantly, send new messages, and even accept and reject calls on the go on WhatsApp. Additionally, you will be able to send voice notes.

Lastly, with Samsung Wallet, you will be able to make payments using your Galaxy Watch. This will be made possible by consolidating Samsung Pay with Samsung Pass. Apart from making payments, you will also be able to store and view your official Government IDs and view your several commuting details like flight tickets and much more.

All in all, we have a lot to look forward to on the software front with the new Galaxy Watch 6 lineup. And it is good to see that Samsung is not leaving the older models behind. With Google promising significant improvements on the battery and optimization front, WearOS 4.0 looks promising especially for Galaxy Watches.

With the much-awaited Samsung Unpacked Event just around the corner, be sure to stick around with us as we will bring the live coverage of the event your way. In the meantime, comment down your thoughts on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watches below and how excited are you to try these new software features especially WhatsApp on your smartwatch!

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