Samsung Extends Warranty on All Products Until June 15 Due to Coronavirus Lockdown

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Samsung Electronics has extended the warranty on its entire product portfolio in India due to the coronavirus crisis. With the service centers closed because of the nationwide lockdown, the company says that any Samsung device with expiring warranty between March 20th and May 31st will have its warranty expanded automatically until June 15th. The company had earlier extended the warranty on all its consumer electronics devices in the country until May 31st.

In an official press release announcing the extended warranty, Samsung said: “At Samsung, the well-being of our customers is our priority. We are committed to take every step to keep you safe. Keeping in mind the current situation, we have extended the standard warranty across our product portfolio till June 15, 2020. This will be valid for all products whose warranty expired in the period between March 20 and May 31, 2020. Stay safe, while we take care of the safety of your devices”.

It is worth noting that because of the prevailing conditions, Samsung has also extended the warranties on its products in many other regions around the world, including most EU countries.

The nationwide lockdown began March 24th in India, when the number of confirmed cases in the country was still below 1,000. The numbers have since climbed steadily, and in spite of an acute lack of testing, the country has since reported more than 200,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,000 deaths. All businesses deemed ‘non-essential’, like electronics retailers and repair shops, had been under strict lockdown for weeks, and some states have only just started reopening them after more than two months of closure.

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