Samsung developing its own chatGPT alternative

Samsung Developing ChatGPT Alternative, Suggests Report

Samsung developing its own chatGPT alternative

It seems like Samsung is about to jump into the AI bandwagon with its very own chatGPT alternative. This comes after it recently restricted the use of generative AI tools within the organization. Now, we are hearing the South Korean tech giant is developing its own Large Language Model (LLM). Check out further details below.

Samsung Developed ChatGPT Alternative Soon?

As per an exclusive Chosun Media report, Samsung is deploying a considerable amount of manpower and resources toward the development of AI at the organizational level via Samsung Research. Chosun Media also reports that the consumer tech giant began the proceedings on June 8, and is expected to be done with the first phase of development by the end of July.

In fact, the report even claims that Samsung has restricted the use of GPU resources within the organization for the time being. It is believed that the company is redirecting all of its GPU resources toward training the upcoming AI model. Training an AI model on real-world data inputs is an extremely GPU-intensive task. Hence, this move is not surprising at all. Several Samsung electronics officials have even commented that “All other in-house software development organizations have been restricted from using GPUs (graphics processing units).

Samsung Developed chatGPT Alternative Soon?

However, before you get too excited, you should know that Samsung is planning to use this upcoming model for in-house purposes only. So, no commercial rollout, unfortunately. The primary use cases include language translation, documentation, and software development within Samsung.

Samsung developing its own AI LLM is nothing surprising. The organization has both the reason and resources to do so. Recently, Samsung’s internal data was leaked while using ChatGPT within the organization. Hence, the urgency to develop its very own AI-based LLM solution. Samsung has given itself two months to fully deploy the first version of the AI model.

At this moment we have nothing concrete to base our opinions on. Hence, we will ask you to take this development with a grain of salt. We expect more details to surface soon as Samsung’s self-imposed deadline approaches. So, stay tuned for further updates.

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