Samsung Just Used Apple’s Face ID Logo at its CES 2020 Presentation

Face ID icon mixup CES 2020 website
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Apple has often accused Samsung of stealing its copyrighted technologies in the past, leading to lengthy and expensive lawsuits between the two companies in the US, Europe and South Korea. While relations between the two have since gotten warmer, a bizarre development during the latter’s press conference at CES 2020 on Tuesday has set tongues wagging once again.

During a presentation by H.S. Kim, head of Samsung’s consumer electronics business, at least one of the slides displayed on the background screen included an image that looked like a direct replica of Apple’s Face ID logo. As can be seen in the comparison below, Samsung’s logo, which is meant to depict the company’s own facial identification technology, looks straight out of Apple’s brochures for the iPhone’s Face ID.

Samsung Just Used Apple’s Face ID Logo at its CES 2020 Presentation
Left: Apple’s Face ID Icon / Right: Samsung’s Logo

No sooner had the report been posted online that many in the industry, as well as many Apple fanboys on social media, started claiming that this is yet another example of how companies, big and small, have been stealing from Apple for years. However, as pointed out by The Verge, Samsung has its own facial recognition icon that it is expected to use in its marketing materials, so the mix-up at the event last night seems more like a simple lack of oversight than a rip-off.

Either way, it is still massively embarrassing for a company of Samsung’s size and repute, so it will be interesting to see if somebody will have to pay for not doing due diligence and double-checking every single text and image on the presentation slides before okaying them.

Featured Image Courtesy: iMore

VIA The Verge
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